‘Guy Guy’ Episode Four Preview: Kalybos’ The Ghost Player In New Black Star Captain

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Kalybos in'Guy Guy'
Kalybos in ‘Guy Guy’

After its best episode yet with the Kofi Wayo inspired third episode, this week’s ‘Guy Guy’ has a lot to live up to with the season debuts of Stonebwoy and Countryman Songo…

Even the greatest shows of all time have their worst moments. Those are the moments where fans have to strain hard to remember why they love the show so damn well in the first place. It occurs for most shows a few times a season and is an inevitable by-product of having to live up to the craziest standards imaginable week after week.

Often these episodes creep up on you without the slightest hint. The audience is a varying and fickle bunch, and sometimes what looks like the greatest scene in the writer’s room can come out clunky and have fans up in arms. Sansa’s rape and Shireen’s burning are just two examples from the just ended season of Game of Thrones where the response was far from what the writers must have ever expected when mulling over the script.

Which is how this week’s ‘Guy Guy’ came off after viewing. Because whilst ‘New Black Star Captain’ was a solid twenty something minutes, it trailed off spectacularly from last week’s fireworks and suffered from a couple of far-fetched story lines.

The episode’s comedy was largely on the shoulders of Kalybos this time, with the talented comic having no one to play off or even to complement. With the introduction of Yaw Guy (Mikki Osei Berko) last week, Kalybos has been looking for a way to milk his uncle dry and felt he must have done so when his comic training skills got his uncle fawning over him.

Yaw Guy, already proven as the loud mouthed braggadocio filled burgher, bought into the load of bollocks Kalybos sold him. With pictures of $$$ dancing in his eyes with the prospect of a footballer in the family, the two built a legend behind Kalybos in five minutes to sell to the world.

You can confidently say that these two guys deserve each other. In every word they utter between themselves you leave yourself wondering who lives in the bigger fantasy world.

Yaw Guy started rattling off how he could get Kalybos into the Black Stars and even get him the captain’s arm band, whilst Kalybos could not shut up extolling his non-existent football skills. There’s no other reason I call him the ‘ghost player’

With a couple of calls, the footballer no one has ever seen play has been set up with an agent and the biggest crusader in Ghana football, Countryman Songo. It reminded me a lot of how myths can grow legs in this social media age and be halfway around the world before anyone decides to check whether what they’re reporting has any shred of authenticity or not.

Of all the guest appearances we have had so far, Songo’s must be the most underwhelming. Mostly because he was being asked to sell a story no one is going to buy. Songo’s firebrand comments and exuberance was wasted on Kalybos.

He promised him prominence in the Black Stars, and also to use as a tool in his never ending crusade to wipe out decadence in the higher ups of Ghana football. He’ll be better off finding anyone than the hopelessly comic Kalybos and his undemonstrated football skills.

Kalybos and Stonebwoy in GuyGuy
Kalybos and Stonebwoy in GuyGuy

Most of the episode’s laughs was concentrated in the final scene, when Kalybos and Stonebwoy found themselves in a radio studio for some respective promotions. Stonebwoy plugged his fans, in a scene I’m sure the adoring BHIM nation would absolutely love. Kalybos’ attempts to convince the radio host of his merits was just stretching the limits of incredulity. What never got lost was his uncanny knock to make any situation hilarious.

After two weeks flying quite near the sun ‘Guy Guy’ nearly suffers the fate of Icarus with ‘New Black Star Captain’. Stonebwoy did his part, but Countryman Songo was underwhelming, and the entire episode felt anticlimactic. However ‘Guy Guy’ has started strongly and no doubt would continue strongly.

No worthwhile journey is ever gotten through without a few stormy nights.

“Guy Guy” airs on GTV at 9:00pm (each Saturday).

“Guy Guy” is proudly sponsored by Kasapreko Alomo Silver and Vicco Malt.

“Guy Guy” Series is written and produced by Ghanaian Rapper-2ras and directed by Kofi Asamoah of “Kalybos in China” – it was shot on various locations in Accra.

Check out the promo video of ‘Guy Guy’ below… and if you haven’t started watching yet, do yourself a favour


Guy Guy-GC
Guy Guy-GC

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