Reggae Musician-Ekow Micah is Responsible for Sarah Kwabla’s Pregnancy | The Student Who Said She Was Pregnant for Asamoah Gyan

Ekow Micah
Ekow Micah

What a badman—the rastmen will say!

We are sure you’ve not so soon forgotten that 22 year old University Student-Sarah Kwabla who claimed she was pregnant for Asamoah Gyan—and not only that, also wanted the footballer to get her a neatly furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000…

At a point, she even added through her lawyer that the Black Star’s captain raped him—by having anal s*x with her when all she consented to was a front area s*x.

Today, it has emerged that Ghanaian reggae musician-Ekow Micah is responsible for the said pregnant—and even took to a clinic at Osu for an abortion.

This is pretty interesting and at the same time scary…

NewsOne, the paper behind the story reports;

“Reggae musician Ekow Micah has said he was responsible for the pregnancy of Sarah Kwabla, the 22-yearold university student who alleged she had been raped, sodomised and impregnated by Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan.

Sarah threatened that if the footballer did not accept the pregnancy and meet her demands, which included a fully furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly amount of $1,000 for postnatal care, she would make public a secretly recorded video of their one round sexual encounter that resulted in the supposed pregnancy.

The never ending drama took a new twist this week when Ekow told police officials investigating the case that he (the musician) impregnated Sarah Kwabla and even took her to a clinic around Osu in Accra for an abortion.

NEWS-ONE has seen evidence of the confession of Ekow Micah, which also contained some rather interesting revelations that while he was still in a love relationship with Sarah, he coached her on how to make some
good money from another guy who was her benefactor.

Sarah Kwabla, however, challenged the pregnancy claim by Ekow and argued that he could not have impregnated her because when they were in the love relationship, he often referred to her as “barren”. “Tell them.

Have you not called me barren before?… He was calling me barren. If he says he was not calling me barren, then why would a 19-year-old go for a fertility test,” Sarah Kwabla asked Ekow during a meeting between the two and the police as part of investigations into the case.

Ekow also told the investigators that he was responsible for the pregnancy and that was why he accepted responsibility and took her for the abortion.

“The state knows that the raster says nothing but the truth. You know I have been with you and you were with me before you had some money from outside. And I was even the person who told you that you can say this and that to the person and get some money. You are telling me today that your earlier pregnancy was not mine,” the dreadlocks wearing Ekow stated during his verbal banter with Sarah Kwabla.

Ekow, Sarah and two others are currently under police investigation for allegedly conspiring to extort money from Asamoah Gyan after his sexual encounter with the lady.”

WTF—is all we can say!



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  1. Pregnancy whatever the case let them do what they want….but No why are these popping out? Where’s the Amanda afriyie acquah saga….I want that one (sobbing)?????…


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