KSM Says Christianity In Ghana Has Become A Commercial Activity: We Couldn’t Agree More

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Kwaku Sintim-Misa
Kwaku Sintim-Misa

The descent of organised religion into exploitation and debauchery has always been there, it’s just an inconvenient truth modern adherents quietly brush off. There is a reason the great Marx described it as an opiate.

The two biggest religions in the world right now, Christianity and Islam, have that status not because they hold any peculiar truth any of mankind’s other religions do not hold. Naah, its just a matter of their forebears carrying out wars of conquests to export their culture, which their religion is an integral part of.

So, man using religion for their own purposes is as old as the sun. It’s just that most people refuse to acknowledge that, rather choosing to bask in the comfort of ignorance and rationalisation.

Comedian Kweku Sintim-Misa, who has gotten into trouble time and again with the Ghanaian public for some controversial views, has intimated that to him Christianity has become commercialised in Ghana.

He says he does not understand why paying offertory and other dues in church has become like an auction, with God’s blessings apparently reserved for the highest bidder.

He was speaking on Accra based Okay FM:

“Christianity in Ghana now has become a commercial activity, a situation which leaves much to be desired.

“When someone gives more as offering to the church, he is openly praised for his benevolence to, and in so doing humiliate those who were unable to give same. For me personally I always speak against such behaviour; and since when did God’s blessing start to be auctioned?”

Welcome to the club KSM. As a comedian you have great avenues to shed a light on this problem, and not just talk. Some of the greatest comedians have been non religious people who balk at the exploitation of religion on the masses, and never reneged on calling religion out for it. For the Dave Allens, George Carlin’s, and Bill Maher’s, we can have our own KSM.

Don’t just talk, do.

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