Stray Bullet Kills One: Several Others Injured At Kasoa In Ghana During A Protest March


It is needless and very perturbed for someone who may be the bread winner of his/her family to perish in a fate like this.

According to, one person was shot in the head yesterday during a protest march at Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana.

Scores of others are said to have also sustained various degree of gunshot wounds after a Military officer fired his gun to scare the irate group away from the protest march.

A Reporter at the scene recounted;

Joy News’ Ekow Sam reporting from the scene said one person was hit in the head by a stray bullet. The injured have been rushed to the hospital.

The residents of Millennium City had gathered to prevent what they claimed was an unauthorised demolition by an estate firm, 21st Century Construction.

They clashed with the military resulting in chaotic scenes.

According Ekow, the military personnel have no name tags or ranks on their uniforms. The military vehicles used in the exercise were also not marked.

Scores of police personnel were later called in to intervene. The area was calmed but the atmosphere was still tensed.

The residents accused the chief executive officer of the real estate firm of using security personnel to intimidate them and rendering many homeless.

The residents said they got information that the owner of the estate firm was planning to pull down their houses today. They felt that their right to property was being abused and were due to hold a news conference to protest the exercise when the violence broke out.

The military ran over a temporary blockade to the site and started firing warning shots indiscriminately.

Residents who tried to capture the incident on their phones had their gadgets seized by the fierce looking soldiers.

The helpless unarmed residents could only rain insults and curses on the military personnel. Some of them are however picketing and are determined to confront the military if the latter is bent on pulling down their houses.

A widow who suspects her house would be affected has vowed to end it with her life if anyone attempts demolishing her house.


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