Ghanaian Pastor Says The Supposed Death Of A 13 Year Old Boy For Burning A Bible Was Due To God’s Judgement

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Sometimes people find it difficult to fathom why anyone can be a godless person in this lovely world of ours with its myriad of gods to choose from. Often its due to the assuredness of people who claim exclusivity to a truth and damn all else who does not subscribe to that truth.

Trying to look at this from a neutral angle, I think even the staunchest Christian would have to admit how obnoxious and downright callous it is to suggest that an omnipotent, loving God, would strike down a teenager for any reason. Perhaps I am giving Christians too much credit.

Yet this supposed pastor, who apparently works for Joy fm, confidently expressed this opinion on air.

The pastor, Rev Abossey, says at 13 the boy was aware of the consequences of what he was doing, and that God’s judgement was swift.

You can twist logic all you want but the God who lets the countless charlatans who fleece people of their savings in his name continue to live and kills 13 year old boys is a crazy god.

Perhaps that’s because he is…

Read the myjoyonline piece below…

The shocking death of a teenager linked to an attempt to burn a Bible stresses the point that God is a sovereign judge, Reverend Ransford Abossey says.

He decides what he does with every person when you offend his law, Rev. Abbossey tells Joy News.

A 13-year-old boy is reported to have died mysteriously after setting a Bible ablaze in the Kwaebibirem District of the Eastern Region.

Residents believe he was struck by thunder when he set the holy book, belonging to his father, on fire.

The teenager was buried before an autopsy could be done.

Although the cause of death was not confirmed, the radio pastor at Joy FM says a spiritual explanation of the death is difficult to ignore.

With many struggling to find answers to the shocking incident, the pastor says judgment from God can be prompt or delayed.

He said there are stories of wee smokers who used pages from the Bible to smoke wee yet were spared any sudden judgment.

God was giving them “rope”, the radio pastor said. But in other instances, he “can do it quickly”, he said.

According to the pastor, the 13-year old teenager had “escaped the age of innocence”. He could not be written off as not knowing right from wrong.

The teenager had been using the pages of the Bible as toilet paper as a way of demanding attention of his God-loving parents.

The parents were said to be often unavailable and were away doing the work of God as church officers.

The pastor criticized the parents for neglecting their obligations of being around their son.

A parent has “no business going out to minister to anybody” while neglecting his children.

He wants people to understand that when it comes to the things of God, “it is not so much as to what we think”.

“When God’s word lays out the truth, you need to be seen to be keeping his word” he said.

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