Judiciary Corruption in Ghana | A Complete Waste of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Time & Resource

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Ghana corrupt judges

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The West African country-Ghana has been pushed into a state of shock by the revelations of a young investigative journalist-Anas Aremeyaw Anas, whose over 1 and half year painstaking investigation has already pushed several Judges off the bench—with many more to follow.

The investigation which exposes the deep seated rot within Ghana’s enviable judiciary system—and consequently, injustice for many who unfortunately use the system alleges that 34 judges including two famous High Court judges take bribes and extort money behind the veil.

In fact, one of Ghana’s respectable High Court judges- Justice John Ajet-Nassam who freed Alfred Agbesi Woyome in a controversial Gh¢51 million judgment debt scandal is among those the inescapable net of the investigation cites as corrupt. ‘My Lord’ is not only a respectable senior judge in Ghana; he is of great international standing. He is reported to be head of justice for all programme and has been on US State Department-sponsored programme.

Several other judges, including a Human Rights Court judge-Kofi Essel Mensah and another famous High Court judge-Charles Quist are indicted by the shocking investigation as dishonourable members of the Judiciary—as they’ve been caught on tape allegedly making demands to throw away cases which include robbery, murder and corruption return for money. Have you spotted the irony?

The Government and the Chief Justice of Ghana have acted with the needed swiftness; the investigative journalist has been granted immunity from prosecution and any civil action under Section 19 of Ghana’s Whistleblower Act—such is the national attention this scandal has received.

Obviously, the mention of corruption and judges in the same sentence has fetched Anas’ latest investigation the deserving attention—both in and outside Ghana. The investigation places a total of about 170 judiciary officers in an unimaginable pit of corruption—out of which about 34 are judges.

The above points to the fact that, it’s not on the judges who are corrupt—those around them are equally or even more corrupt; this sets forth the reason why I think the whole investigation is a waste of time and money.


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