Is MzVee A BIG SL*T for Dating 4 Different Men? | Let’s Get Talking…

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Fast rising Ghanaian dancehall artiste-MzVee made headlines yesterday when she revealed in an interview that she is currently dating 4 men—with many on social media calling her a big slut…

The truth be told, dating means a whole different thing to many people and therefore, I perfectly understand the avalanche of insults that were heaped on her. What else did she expect from a Ghanaian population who are better described as conservative—I call them, hypocrites.

When it comes to dating, some women really keep their options wide and instead of going out to the cinema, dinner and doing those ‘special’ things with a single man, they tend to do that with several men during the same period—this is called multiple dating.

The above is exactly what MzVee says she is doing; dating 4 Ghanaian men at the same time.

The catch with multiple dating is, mostly these men are unaware that the woman is dating or seeing other men at the same time she is seeing them. So in some sense, this is unfair, especially to the men.

Some women claim they inform the men that they are seeing other men too—so they can decide at the end of the dating race who is best for them. This does not only sound weird to me but I am also yet to meet a man without ego who will easily accept such an arrangement; that a woman he is seriously looking to make his can go on dates with other men.

When you consider the good side of things, multiple dating means the woman will receive a hell lot of attention and good treats—and importantly, she will have things to compare things to. So if Kofi does something she loves which Yaw does not even care about, this scores a plus for Kofi and a minus for Yaw.

This is almost the same as picking 4 men and putting them through a test—with the eventual winner becoming the one you desire and decide to settle down with.

Now let me deal with why so many people were shocked that MzVee is doing this. None of those throwing stones at her really cares about the struggles she has to go through to hide things from the men or how she struggles to make adequate time for all of them.


But these people have convinced themselves that, she is sleeping with all the 4 men. This boils down to their understand of dating; where dating means, the two involved are definitely banging each other—and where there are 4 men, a woman must comfortably be a sl*t to be able to do this…

In Ghana, a huge portion of our men think this way; a date is simply a road to getting into a woman’s panties—not knowing that, a date is just about getting to know someone or just hanging out with someone to decide if you want to even consider allowing them close.

I have gone on several dates with Ghanaian men which has ended me insults because I wouldn’t follow these men home for a good night of a quickie or something like that. In the mind of these men, the fact that I accepted to go on a lunch or dinner date with them meant that, I was up for them to remove my panties and toss it to the other side of the bed.

Though we cannot establish the details of MzVee’s dating of these 4 Ghanaian men, we can safely assume that she is just hanging out with them—and nothing more. But considering my experience with Ghanaian men, they won’t hang around with you for long if their hands are not guaranteed a touch of your pubic hair…

Personally, I don’t understand why any Ghanaian woman will put herself through the hell of dating two Ghanaian men at the same time, let alone 4—because, one of these men would definitely bother you day and night with sex.


This is something you cannot escape so I can imagine the hell MzVee is going through—that’s if she is indeed not already doing anything with any of them. But if her so called multiple dating involves sex with these 4 men, then I bow down for you sister; you are a legend.

Just be prepare for all of them to deny responsibility if you get pregnant—and don’t be shocked if your n*ked photos find their way to GhanaCelebrities.Com because dating 4 Ghanaian men at the same time is like signing a warrant to be freely slapped with multiple problems and headaches…

Have you dated multiple men or women at the same time before? How was it and what do you really think of MzVee dating 4 grown a** Ghanaian men at the same time?

Do you think she is banging any of them or all of them?

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  1. Ghanaians..ignorance..ignorance..ignorance.. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.. Miss Vee oo s3 miss bee oo s3 de3n oo.. attention seeker.. s3 wo ho at) wo.. woanya attention. date your talent and improve on that and stop the unneccesary headlines.. mtcheew

  2. She is a defo attention seeker and I believe she is sleeping with all the 4 men. Ewe girls are known for that anyway. greedy and selfish so using all the men too

  3. Keep up madam. Dating 4 men right? We are here and we will be watching lol. Some can’t find one and you say you have 4 of them to date. God has really blessed you may your cup run over with more blessings. Don’t say we didn’t warn you lol