Lifestyle Café With Antoine Mensah on Live 91.9 FM | The Perfect Radio Show For Your Mid-Morning

Lifestyle Café With Antoine Mensah
Lifestyle Café With Antoine Mensah

Unlike some years ago, the influx of several radio stations today has made it extremely difficult to follow one particular station or program, even though one is advantaged to choose from several existing options.

In Accra alone, there exist well over 30 radio stations with countless programs; and as such, one cannot listen to all these programs, even if such an individual has all 24 hours to himself and has nothing meaningful to do with his time.

This therefore implies that one has to make an informed choice with regards to the kind of programs he’ll give ears to.

People often feel tensed up in the mornings due to the various political programs they passionately follow; and without any doubt, it requires a great content-filled mid-morning show and a super talented presenter to calm the tension of such people down.

Entertainment and lifestyle-wise, Lifestyle Café with Antoine Mensah on Live 91.9 FM is the perfect program for your mid-mornings in the Greater Accra metropolis and beyond.

Even though it’s tailored specifically for the youth, the middle-aged who are young at heart are not left out from its attention-grabbing segments such as My Daily Dose of Vim, Album of the Week, Live Trends, and many more.Lifestyle Café With Antoine 1Mensah

One fascinating thing about Lifestyle Café is that, most of the social media trends that are considered on air are determined by the cherished listeners. This goes a long way to prove how the listeners are highly valued.

Antoine Mensah is the gem who’s entrusted with the station’s flagship mid-morning show which is structured and produced to relax people so they can offer their utmost best at work.

Better known in the entertainment circles as Antoine360, he started his radio career at Choice FM. He later moved to Vibe FM for 2 years where he hosted both the Traffic Jam (Evening Drive) and 233 LIVE show.

He proceeded on to become a super-sub for the prime time shows on Live FM over a two-year span; hosting Drive time, after drive, mid-morning as well as his regular Saturday morning show.

Antoine, over the last 5 years, has gained a lot of experience accumulated from working in different sectors of the entertainment industry, most especially in music and event management.

Lifestyle Café With Antoine Mensah (2)
Lifestyle Café on Live 91.9 With Antoine Mensah

Growing up in multicultural environments in Ghana and abroad, he has the potential and drive any radio show needs to hit its intended target audience. He is eloquent and has a great command over the queen’s language which makes his style of presentation engaging and entertaining.

By all indications, Antoine is doing extremely well; winning for himself thousands of keen and loyal listeners. With the help of DJ Masta Jay, the right songs for the morning are played to keep listeners going.

In an interview with him, Antoine talked about the various segments on the show and how interesting those segments are, considering the fact that all the trends are determined by the listeners. Not only that, Antoine spoke about variety of interesting things about the show, including how he sees competition in the industry.


When off air, Antoine is an entrepreneur. He’s active in charity works. He doubles as event MC, DJ & voice over artiste.

Lifestyle Café is aired from Mondays through Fridays, 9am – 1pm.


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