LIFESTYLE GUIDE: A Taste of Delicious Ghanaian Food in London? | Bongo Bar & Restaurant is Your Perfect Destination

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Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya
Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya

London is multicultural and Ghana represents strongly on the spectrum of diverse cultures—ranging from our people, music to our food.

There are several Ghanaian restaurants scattered across London, just as there are several Ghanaians at every corner of London. But if you are looking for  a community of Ghanaians, the best place to locate them with ease is North London—some proudly call this place ‘the hub of Ghanaians.’

Being a popular choice for Ghanaians means almost every street has a Ghanaian restaurant—serving indigenous Ghanaian foods. I can vouch that almost all these restaurants are operated by proud Ghanaians but I can’t boldly say all the meals are of great taste.

This is where Bongo Bar takes the lead as my favourite Ghanaian restaurant, run by Ghanaians, which serves variety of delicious Ghanaian meals—with their TuoZaafi (TZ) being my top pick.

Fortunately for me, though the fiancée is of a Nigerian descent, she loves TZ and several other Ghanaian dishes, perhaps more than me— so literally, we have to fight over what we will be eating when it’s time to visit a Ghanaian restaurant. While I love TZ, I sometimes prefer to go for Wakyee but for her, it’s only Wakyee if TZ is not available.

Bongo Bar London-TZ
Bongo Bar London-TZ

And since Bongo Bar serves the best freshly made hot TZ in London, it’s our favourite Sunday afternoon joint; the atmosphere is also truly Ghanaian—you get to enjoy the lastest Ghanaian songs while enjoying your choice of meal.

During our recent visit, we went for the usual TZ but for the starter, I decided to try their ‘half Akofem’ and the fiancée went for ‘Soya’. She later complained that it did not taste the same as the Nigerian ‘Soya’ she knows—so she was duped.

I don’t know how a Nigerian ‘soya’ tastes so I cannot comment on this—but my ‘Akofem’ was delicious.

Both of us shared a bowl of TZ which cost less than £15 and the half ‘Akofem’ starter was £6.

For the yummy taste, the price is worth it—also, remember this is London not Ghana where a bowl of TZ will cost less than £2. And a bowl is big enough for two to share; you have a choice of meat or fish…

One thing though, the prices of their drinks are over-hyped. A bottle of Supermalt which cost less than £1 next door or anywhere in London was being sold for £3 or so. A bottle of water is equally over-priced…

Bongo Bar is located at, 65-67 Broad Ln, London N15 4DJ and opens daily from 1pm to 12am.

Phone No; 020 8885 5572

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya(1)

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya(2)

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya(3)

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya(4)

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya(5)

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya(6)

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya(7)

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya(8)

Bongo Bar London-TZ(10)

Bongo Bar London-TZ(11)

Bongo Bar London-TZ(12)


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