Nollywood Actress Calls On Parents to Start Educating Their Wards on Sex

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Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo

We live in a society where the majority frowns on the sex talk with the young ones—but Nollywood actress, Alice Iyabo Ojo sees it in the contrary.

The film director and producer told The Punch in an interview that she began educating her teen daughter about sex related issues when she found out that she has reach her menstruation period..

According to her, most of the kids today are exposed to a lot of stuffs due to the availability of the internet and therefore parents need to start educating their kids as early as possible.

“When my daughter started her period, I began to teach her about sex education. I felt it was the right time. I let her know that as she has started her period, she is a lady now and if she has sex, she would get pregnant.”

‘I told her what sex meant in detail. You would be surprised how exposed these kids are now. They are more exposed than we were when we were younger- all thanks to the internet. Ironically, my daughter understands what sex is all about. I always advise parents to be their children’s friends.

‘When I was talking about sex to my daughter, she was laughing and felt awkward about it. We need to educate them and let them understand that if they engage in sex, they would get pregnant and would stay away from school. I let her know that I am not a party to abortion and there is nothing like that in my dictionary.

‘I let her know the qualities to look out for in a man. I always tell her why she must not have sex now until she becomes an adult. When she becomes an adult, then we would continue from there. Sometimes we sit down and talk and I ask about her boyfriend but she tells me that she has none. She would tell me that she has a male friend but not lover,’ she whirled.

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