The New Ghanaian Nonsense: ‘Anas is Watching You So Do the Right Thing’ | What Happened to God is Watching Us All?

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Anas is Watching
Anas is Watching

Ghanaians claim to be morally upright on a lot of issues and most will beat their chests to say they are God fearing—and each Friday and Sunday, a large part of the population make it to the mosque with the remainder heading to the church.

That is a nation inhabited by God fearing people, I am told. Even though the sins of sleeping with the same s*x have not taken over Ghana, the country is sin filth like Sodom and Gomorrah when we talk about other kinds of sin; corruption, bribery and fornication.

Ghana is that country which makes a perfect example when you want to explain the meaning of ‘hypocrisy’ to a 3 year old child—we claim to be holy but never practice this. Our ways are tainted with greed and selfishness to the extent that we forget our own values when it does not sit well with our “must get it by all means” enterprises.

We are a rotten nation of cheats but somehow, we’ve convinced ourselves that we do not have to change because as long as we continue to troop to places of worship backed by fasting, we are guaranteed favours from God.

It seems we’ve never heard of Karma; so we point our fingers are those who decide not to sin in the way we do—and call them all sort of names, sometimes we even call for their heads to placed on spikes for all to see.

Not long ago, Ghanaian investigative journalist- Anas Aremeyaw Anas shocked the country with his recent revelation which cited over 170 Judicial officers including judges as corrupt. Though some Ghanaians have pretended to be shocked by these findings, others like Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri have pointed out the obvious.

Writing on BrutallyUncensored.Com in an article titled “Judiciary Corruption in Ghana | A Complete Waste of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Time & Resource” Chris-Vincent stated among other things that;

“I find it deeply shocking and consider it somewhat untrue that any reasonable Ghanaian would be heavily shocked by the fact that Ghana’s judges and judiciary officers are corrupt. Of course they are corrupt—are they not Ghanaians?

These are people picked from a population of corrupt individuals and yet, they are expected to act as though they just descended in white gowns from a different planet. Who are we kidding?”

Out of the Anas’ investigation and the accompanying shock has emerged this new social media campaign which some Ghanaians are proudly championing; and it says “ Anas is Watching, Do the Right Thing.”

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