Juliet Ibrahim & Captain Planet Are FREE Louis Vuitton Ambassadors in Ghana?

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Juliet Ibrahima and Captain Planet
Juliet Ibrahima and Captain Planet

Ghanaian actress-Juliet Ibrahim and musician-Captain Planet of 4×4 fame love their LV bags—but for the first time, the two decided to pose together with their bags well placed by their sides as though they were running an LV paid commercial.

In fact, the manner in which Ghanaian Celebrities promote Louis Vuitton, all in the name to show how expensive they ball is really eye-catching—and the pain in the butt is, they do all these for free.

Perhaps, it’s time one of them walk into the offices of LV and ask for some payment or at least ask that they make him or her an official ambassador.

If we could get these stars to freely promote any made in Ghana product this much and with this pride, we are sure that product will take off everywhere…

They actually promote LV with passion—we don’t even see the real LV commercials being done with such aggression.

And the million dollar question is; are all these bags they carry about with pride real? History has taught us that, most of them are fake

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