Deputy Sports Minister Defends Government’s Decision To Fly Cash To Rwanda To Pay The Black Stars Players

Black Stars Money 3

So for what reason did we spend months of our time and only God knows how much money on that so-called Dzamefe commission, if their common sense findings are not going to be followed anyway.

I mean, it was bad enough that we needed to spend all that to be told the obvious, ‘flying cash bad’; but even after that government has just stashed it into a big hole and gone back to business as usual.

Recently, the Black Stars played the Rwandan national side in Kigali. Prior to the game, government owed the team money from their previous win all the way back in June. So to forestall a crisis, I suppose; money was flown from Ghana to another foreign country despite the humiliation from the Brazil debacle still fresh in our minds.

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Vincent Oppong Asamoah, speaking to Starr FM, found nothing wrong with government’s actions of flying the cash out, despite the Dzamefe Comission’s recommendations.

“We can’t throw the Commission’s recommendation away because some of the recommendations was that we could use the Embassies.

“We would definitely have to transfer monies to other countries (for the payment of bonuses) but the quantum may not be as high as what happened in Brazil. Because, it has always been like that $100,000 and $200,000 to enable the team to survive over there.

“How do you feed the team? They expect you to pay cash so how can you do things differently? That is the rule over there and all other countries are doing it,” Asamoah told Starr Sports.

Really? When was the last time we heard of any other nation flying out cash to their players. If we’re so worried about the Black Stars maybe pay them on time, and electronically! I cannot believe this continues to be a problem in this day and age?


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