Gifty Anti is Almost Married | There Has Been A ‘Knocking Ceremony’ & the Photos Are Here

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The presentation of the drinks
The presentation of the drinks

Gifty Anti sits on top as one of the most successful and well known beautiful Ghanaian women—and yet for many years, she remained single.

Recently, Gifty, 45, said marriage should not be a defining factor for women and that womanhood means a lot more than just getting married—so she was not in a rush to be married.

A few months following the above comment, the TV personality revealed to Joy FM that she has found “the one” and will get married to him at “the right time.”

The Mr. Right was later revealed as celebrated media personality-Oyiakehyire Nana Ansah Kwao IV—and according to RazzOnline, a knocking ceremony which paves way for marriage rites has already taken place.

The website adds that; “the event, which serves as the initial process of marriage – in line with the traditional settings in Ghana, took place earlier this month in the family house of the Antis.”

So after the long wait—Gifty Anti will also become a Mrs. soon—a warm confirmation that, God’s time is the best and it doesn’t matter the long wait you would definitely find your own given by God.

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