READERS’ MAIL: Yvonne Nelson Deserves the FAN ASSAULT | She is So Arrogant & RUDE to her Fans

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Dear Chris,

I just read with excitement on your blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com that a fan nearly beat the hell out of actress Yvonne Nelson for disrespecting and failing to honour the simple fan courtesy of snapping a picture with him.

I am so glad someone has at least told this b*tch about her rude self and even had the opportunity to push that her big head.

I used to be a fan of Yvonne Nelson but have now unfollowed her on Instagram, twitter and facebook for fake social media love for fans which do not come into play in real life.

It’s embarrassing to talk about how rude this girl treated my friend and I but to make my point, I will let it out.

About a year ago, my friend visited from United States and even though I live not far from Yvonne Nelson’s YN shop, I have never gone there for anything. In fact, I never even thought she will be there so that is why I probably never bothered.

One afternoon, my friend said we should check out Yvonne Nelson’s boutique which I told her about while we were doing nothing, waiting for the night to fall so we can go out.

We went into the shop and Yvonne Nelson was there. We said Hello to her and she did not even bother to say Hello back or look our way. At that stage, I assumed she did not hear us as she was typing on her phone.

After looking through her stuff and my friend whispering to me that she wants to take a photo with her. I walked to Yvonne and said, my friend lives in USA and she really loves you. In fact, we all follow you on instagram and we would love to take a photo with you. We also love your boutique and the stuff in here.

She looked at us from head to toe and said; did you come here to buy or to take a photo? I am not here for photos so if you can’t buy anything just leave in peace. Can’t you see I am busy?

I was shocked and so was my friend. It must have taken us a micro second to zoom ourselves out of the door. We left and since then I’ve never been interested in all her social media postings.

When this same Yvonne Nelson comes online, she pretends as if her fans mean a lot to her but in real life, she is rude and does not care. So I am not shocked that she did that to a male fan who insulted her and pushed her head.

She has to change because a true celebrity adores her fans, both online and offline.

From: Cecilia Adoma N/Ghana


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