Shameless Nana Aba Anamoah BUSTED: Old Trafford Photo She Posted Discovered To Be Photoshopped

Nana Aba Anamoah
Nana Aba Anamoah


Nana Aba Anamoah is one lady who pulls no punches in her speech and utterances, so you can be sure when sheโ€™s found wanting she is going to have a whole legion of people waiting to bust her a**.

The outspoken presenter presents herself in a certain way, as if she is above the average person. When people adopt those kinds of airs, their actions must correspond to their aura.

So imagine how shocked we are that she has turned out to be a thirsty, attention seeking person, no better than any of your average Ghanaian celeb.

The Yvonne Nelsons, Nikki Samonas, and Deborah Vannesas are apparently ready to do anything for the slightest attention from the public, but those people are in the business. It beats the imagination why a television presenter would wish to go down that path.

It is a disgraceful tactic that she pulled, and quite rightly some people did not take long to expose her. Gleeful as twitter can be, they have jumped on it and been on Nana Abaโ€™s butt for the better part of the day.

So what is Nana Aba Anamoahโ€™s crime? She posted some pictures on twitter allegedly taken from her iPhone at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United. The picture was purported to have been taken on Saturday, when the team beat Sunderland 3-0 to move top of the Premier League table.

However, some shenanigans with her location settings tipped fans off a little early, before the fans who actually took the supposed pics came to call her out. They claimed she had photoshopped them out of the pictures and claimed them for herself.

She showed off her ticket whilst swearing she was there, but the fan also showed theirs and claimed they never saw her. They also posted pictures with United players to prove they were really there, whilst Nana Aba just said she was star struck and thus was unable to take any selfie with a player.

The reaction on twitter, of course, was hilarious. Just check out the #nanaabawasthere to laugh your guts out.

Here’s a timeline of events as they unfolded…

Nana Aba posted this set of pics of her in the apparently in the stadium.

And then….

After that, fans took to making fun of her for claiming something that didn’t happen. So she was found present at basically every great historical event you could think of….

Nana Aba has not said anything addressing the rumours, except this cryptic tweet hours ago…



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  1. Oh this woman is a disgrace; what is wrong with some Ghanaain celebrities. So this one too is a celebrity? Sad and shameful. Where did she learn that. Nkurasi sem


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