PHOTO: Mzbel Takes Down Her Dross On Camera & Shares A Shot | Now Tell Us If She is Not Insane…

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Anything for attention these days…right?

And without any sensible person to talk sense into the empty heads of these people we loosely tag celebrities, we sure will be seeing more and more of such pathetic acts.

You wouldn’t catch anyone without insanity tag doing this on a normal day but social media has made it so easy for even those some people adore to reduce the conversation to this low level.

What in God’s name would make a mother of one—and a grown a** woman to gladly take the above shot and proudly share on instagram.

Decency has indeed gone straight into the gutter and soon, we will hear her say; who are we to judge her or point her stupidity out to her.

What some of these people forget is that, social media does not mean unchecked stupidity—it means, a lot more people can catch up on your idiocy if you decide not to think.

What do you think of this photo?


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  1. Maybe she is trying to show off her cheap panties. Okay Mzbel we’ve seen it, now what? I guess you’d show us your couchie next time huh? You are such a good role model to your son. Smh!!

  2. Chaiii…this girl being friend with Afia Schwarzenegger is really affecting her oo. Waa see this total madness. …later she will come and say she can’t sleep at night because she’s afraid of armrobbers siaaa

    1. People with loose panties always produce bastard kids like she has cos the panties were soo loose she cant even trace who entered the couchi to produce that one. All these nonentities claiming celebrity status….only in GH

  3. this is a typical example of the nkurasefo) who live in compound houses and dry their underwear openly when they get new ones… de3 )woo )ba kwasea ammr3 te s3 de3 )tetee noo.. Your mum shd bow in shame… kurasinii baa, afuom, kwaem.. you can go ahead and have sex in the open, we care less, we all know u seeking for attention but let me tell you, one fact still remains outstanding and that is “wo time atwa mu” even if Jay Z features u koraa u will never hit stardom again.. afuom the porn industry is waiting for u.

  4. If no one talks about her then she will know she is now a nonentity but she gets people to talk about her and that is what she likes. she will do anything to be in the news and it makes her happy which makes her also think she is popular or ghanaians can not stop talking about her. majority of the men she forced herself on have regretted sleeping with her. if she were anything good, wouldnt the father of the son come out to claim the boy? because she is a disgrace and they all know she slept with them all, they are all claiming a dna/parternity test and because she is unsure who the father of her son is, she cant take her son to do the test. it is such a pity. she comes out with a smiling face but cries, and complains at home and to friends, begging the men to at least talk to her, stalking them on their facebook, instagram, twitter, using the friends of the men to beg for her still its not working and she will not think of changing. look at what someone who calls herself a jew is doing