Can’t Find That on the Map: Kumawood Actress-Vivian Jill Says Her Father Lives in Dublin Which is in London + MORE (VIDEO)

Vivian Jill
Vivian Jill

As I’ve always said, I am not a big fan of Delay, real name Deloris Frimpong-Manso but truth be told, this woman is a legendary piss-taker when it comes to interview—and in the below interviews, Delay as usual manages to get Kumawood actress-Vivian Jill to talk a lot of bollocks.

You don’t even know where exactly your father lives—and yet you want to be taken serious on national TV?

According to Vivian Jill, her father is a white man (let’s say a little below mixed race) and he lives in Dublin, London—I can’t find that on the map and Delay seems not to have even noticed it. Perhaps, it’s part of her piss take–to allow the people she interviews to sound thick.

Maybe too, they are really thick—sometimes.

Beyond the first bomb Vivian Jill threw, she had a lot to brag about—claiming she was begged and begged before even joining Kumawood. Until today, we didn’t know she was that extremely important in Kumawood.

Now, take a seat and enjoy the interview below…LOL



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  1. LOL! I will cut her some slack because from Kumasi, the entire United Kingdom, including Ireland is called London. That’s what they say when they are going to the UK.
    Just like Toronto is Canada to some.

  2. It could have been a mistake but I can believe that maybe producers were seeking after because at the time she didn’t want to be an actress because she was into business and maybe at that time they wanted a new face in kumawood movies.