Juliet Ibrahim Endorses Lesbianism | Says It’s Not Bad

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Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian actress – Juliet Ibrahim – has thrown her weight behind lesbianism, something that most Ghanaians detest due to their cultural and religious dogmas.

In an interview with GhanaGist, the actress disclosed that she sees nothing wrong with a woman expressing romantic love towards another woman.

According to her, she has never had any s*xual intercourse with a lady before even though she has kissed a lady in the past before.

“I’m not a lesbian. You will be wondering why I’m saying this because people always think I’m a lesbian. I always get questions when I play movie roles and stuffs but I’ve only kissed a girl once and that was in a movie and that was because I had to play a role. I’ve never been with a lady before,” Juliet stated.

She opined that if you are a lesbian and want to bonk another lady, you can go ahead and do your thing if you like it since it’s not a bad thing.