Mzbel Nana Ekua Amoah | ‘Inherently Obtuse’, Pinhead, Confused or ‘Them All’?


The headline may seem contemptuous to some people but I am prepare to argue and throw my weight behind the position; a woman is undeserving of any scintilla of respect if she cannot respect her own self and at least those around her.

I wouldn’t be examining the social media insanity of Ghanaian musician-Mzbel under the unsettling microscope of ‘Being an African Woman’—that’s unsustainable in this era of borderlessness. And any attempt to cover it with the morality argument would come off as pretty weak, because, morality is relative.

However, the stupidity argument can’t be rejected—what’s inherently moronic does not suddenly become the fountainhead of brilliance because of a person’s physical location or timestamp of existence.

What’s dangerously pathetic and shockingly disgraceful can’t be ignored by reasonable persons and if an individual within the confines of absolute stupidity is aggressively supported by friends–then we have a bigger problem. It’s as though we’ve gotten a cohort of imbeciles to pump sense into their weak brains.

I’ve always known Mzbel was struggling and confused as to the direction of her long dead career—but to be frank, I never thought having been born into a generation of enlightenment, plain stupidity such as what her recent shared social media photo denotes would ever become part of her unending legacy of controversies, mostly unnecessary.

A mother of one who claims to have adopted two other children she is training, at this stage let’s say rearing to become human beings—wakes up in the morning and pulls off her panties, opens her legs and take a shot. Then proceeds to post it on instagram with a smile as though she has just been offered a full scholarship to Harvard to share the same cubicle with Mark Zuckerberg.

If the above is not the definition of stupidity cooked in wretchedness, then I must have been drinking some of the poisoned kool-aid myself.

Evidently, that’s tackiness at its best—but shockingly, a greater percentage of her instagram followers kept quiet or raptured about, with some even saying; ‘Luv dat babe.’


The Real Picture Here

Of course there were the decent smart thinking followers who decided to press the unfollow button as a result of the post. A follower with username-a_le_wa, wrote “What the #hell….this ain’t fame!!! This is stupidity~ n it ain’t even sexy!!! Ur copying wrongly! U ain’t making e best of it! This shit isn’t even funny. … I thought I liked u, I got it wrong! If u need fame n all the sexiness,this shit is disgracing!!!!”

Another, funtime_day commented; “Looool u think u don’t care but this really shameful . You have children who look up to you . A mother showing her panties on social media in the name of celebrity !! What a pitty!! I hope ur children are seeing [email protected]

Indiana_gyasi couldn’t believe what she was seeing, so she wrote, “Trade mark of a wh*re. Hitting unfollow button,” and Nana_kwame.boateng captured the truth as, “U wan hype for gh..u wan make we tok abt u on tv…Go act Pono rather.”

Mzbel has been irrelevant, MzVee even commands more attention than her—and this is a clear desperate situation which demands desperate measures. But at least, common sense should not be totally uprooted from the conversation.

This is the same woman who argued on cultural and moral tenets that calling her child names because of her motherly conducts is unacceptable—today, what has happened to the future interest of this child she so much claimed she was seeking to protect?

Imagine your son growing up to see this. The schoolboy who would call him the son of a lunatic cannot be termed insensitive—for the truth ought to be told by someone brave enough to lift the veil of political correctness.

Mzbel posted this a fews ago too

At this stage my question has been well answered and if you did not spot the correct answer, it’s ‘THEM ALL’. This is one of the persons who stands as a “bulwark” when you try to pull out stupidity from the dealings of today’s social media Ghanaians.

As rightly noted, “what some of these people forget is that, social media does not mean unchecked stupidity—it means, a lot more people can catch up on your idiocy if you decide not to think.”

So let’s help her by sharing this so she will become the talk of the hour—after all, that’s all she wants to achieve.


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  1. SMH Mzbel, you are a mother for Christ sake so stop this ashawo things on social media. At this age you still don’t have stable clients and looking for more? lol

  2. Maybe she wants to trend like Nana Aba Anamoah. These people are showing the colour of their an*s even when it is not windy

  3. Belinda , you wer getting respect wen u started dressing nicely and had a baby..but this too low..afia is bad influence ,..gosh

  4. Whoever wrote this article is a bigoted, bush untalented amateur bored cow.this isn’t journalism. So u ever see Perez Hilton or tmz write any kind of rude literature like this? It’s so clear that there is malice intended against mzbel.
    If you don like her don’t do articles about her, if u do it too, style it out.
    What an idiot.

    1. I actually dont know if you are a woman or a man but who gave you that name Nana? then you are the Nana of all agyimifo).. bring it on

  5. The p**sy has passed its “best before date” so she needs to kick up her marketing strategy to make it more relevant. This is her attempt to rebrand the couchie. Too late. Any value it had is gone. Talk about a penny stock couchie. Perhaps the UT boss will pick it up for less than what he was originally paying.

      1. A product of the Ghanaian education. Illiterate and retarded. Too stupid to know you are stupid. Perhaps you have your savings ready to pick up this overused and tired couchie? You are a baboon with no sense. I prefer to deal with humans not monkeys. Now sod off and go smell your troop leader’s behind.

  6. How old is this woman once again? She must really have mental issues to be doing this at her age and this time of plenty knowledge. Instagram has become the home of some people and they dont know how to even use it SMDH

  7. Old Ashawo go and sit somewhere with that overused p**sy. Whatever dog born with you must also be a patetic man with nothing to do with his sperm. Chris koraa why spend your minute writing on this akurasi uneducated girl

  8. maybe she has even begged chris to write this to get some fame or as someone said, trend like her friend aba anamoah, who also doesnt deserve to be given the title nana because she doesnt act like one. the same set of people. that whatever bel girl can gather her pictures and give to her friends of the media to publish and will turn round and cry telling her boyfriends that the media people got it from her facebook and instagram because she is popular and always want to write about her and the foolish men will also believe. your cup runneth over girl, you are DONE with your music career respect yourself and gain some sympathy