There Is Still Love Out There—Adunni Ade Assures

Adunni Ade
Adunni Ade

Many ladies start to believe all guys are the same once they suffer heartbreak—and due to that become reluctant to give new relationships a chance to succeed.

If you subscribe to that school of thought, then you have to discard those notions.

Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade, who describes herself as a sucker for love, has opined that there is still love in the air, even if you once had a failed relationship.

According to her, she will quickly call it quits if she founds out that the relationship is not gonna work—no matter the number of years that she has spent with the person.

She said, “I’m a sucker for love, I love hard, that’s why I take my time before diving into any relationship with the person I will love. I will do whatever I can in a relationship to make it work because I just don’t get involved with people anyhow.

“If the chemistry or connection is not there, then you would never find me there. But in my heart, if I feel like I have a connection with that person, I’d try and take it as far as I can and if I know it’s not going to work, I’d end it quick. But I am a big fan of love, Love is good. There is still some love out there even though people try to deny and say there is no more love; there is still love.”

Ade, who is a single mother of two, recounted how she left her last relationship which lasted for eight years when she realized that things were not clicking.

“I have said this, it’s not something I want to hide, it’s a part of me and I don’t think there’s any need to lie, or make myself look good or whatever, but I have never been married. I was with my ex, Michael Boyd, who is my children’s father for eight years, and things did not work out and I just let it go and that has been three years ago,” she told the Punch in a recent interview.


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