VIDEO: John Dumelo Takes On Delay | Boxes Her to the Corner On Her Own Show & Says He Never Chopped Down Joselyn Dumas & Others

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Johnn Dumelo
Johnn Dumelo

Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo has scandals hovering over his head—from fraud to fake marriages via chopping down countless women.

And in this interview with Delay, he plays it smart—somewhat pushing the talkative host-Delay to the corner on her own show. You wouldn’t catch this happening but John seems to have done it.

On the Delay Show, the actor talked about joining politics but he was cunning about it—he couldn’t mention the political party he will be joining for fear of public backlash.

John Dumelo says he is 30 years old—though he looks far older than that and says he is in a relationship but wouldn’t name the person.

However, he trashed names like Yvonne Nelson, Sandra Ankobiah, Joselyn Dumas and others as people he has never dated or chopped down. He claims he is keeping the person he is dating a secret. You know that works…right?

GhanaCelebrities.Com knows John Dumelo is talking bollocks because he has chopped down one of the above names—and it was even more than a mere chop down, it was a relationship that broke someone’s heart.

Watch the video interview below

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  1. Liar – you dated yvonne & you chopped yvonne nelson and as usual shattered the poor girl’s heart. She is my friend so I am 100% sure wat am saying. God expose you for this lie. Ashawo man!!!

  2. He can’t mention his girlfriend’s name because he is not faithful. Several women will descend on him. He wants to stay alive so he will say it’s a secret. Siaaaa ??

    1. Of cuz how can he ever mention his g/f’s name? Players don’t announce none till they come out with a wedding picture.

  3. So the person dating this guy kraaa what is she thinking? I hope she is not taking care of him financially cos this guy is just trouble.

    1. lol there are some desperados who would do anything to claim the fame. Women needs to think about the future and not this temporary fame.

  4. Hmm, this guy paa! It is better not to even accept interviews than try to manipulate the host in order not to expose your shady ways. Unfortunately the way that he operates is not unique, so many of our Gh male celebrities are mere gigolos – relying on women to pay their way and look after them whilst they lie and trick unsuspecting ladies the World over. Shame.

  5. John Dumelo is a liar, a cheap man who relies on woman for money. He lies to them just to take from them. He is a growing version of captain smart. God is watching

    1. I blame the women not John. We have all heard rumors about him and money from women so why are women still giving him more money. If any woman comes out to claim John has taken from her then she is the fool becos we have all been warned about this mess he does.

      If you are a woman and you want to test John’s loyalty then DO NOT give him a dime. See if he stays or treats you right. Simple

  6. He did this interview over a year ago. You are now repeating it because you wasn’t to write write bad things about john. I’m disappointed in you ghana celebrities.

    1. He has never been cute please only attractive thing is his kissing and fondling roles that turn these naija girls on. His attraction is on his movie roles.

  7. Could someone please tell me the name of the song that plays in the beginning and at the end? I love it. Thanks in advance.