Afia Schwarzenegger Says Delay is Dumb For Not Reacting To Vivian Jill’s Dublin Gaffe

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

I have never seen such an attention whore in my life like Afia Schwarzenegger. She goes all length just by doing crazy stuffs just to be in the news.

Reacting to the much-publicize Delay interview with Vivian Jill, Afia took to her Instagram account to mock her former boss for not telling Jill she had erred when she said ‘Dublin is in London’.

“I just read somewhere that some kumawood chick bi dey claim say in poppy dey Dublin inside London…Eish! !!! But no be dat one self way collapse me…The presenter sat thru with no reaction…dat mean say she too kolo pass the kumawood chick,” the mother-of-three told her almost 150,000 followers.

She added that her rival, Delay needs some “quality education” before she interviews people.

“Cos if she knows she would have reacted quicker than petrol plus fire……Chaiiiiiii some presenters need quality education or Google map… Ma da koraaa..reading their obituary..smh!!!,” she said.

Well I think Delay didn’t react to the gaffe because she felt Vivian Jill will be embarrassed or perhaps she just didn’t hear her well.



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  1. This woman is so petty. Delay acted right in my opinion. Whether she didn’t catch that or she overlooked it to avoid any awkwardness, she maintained great composure.
    Isn’t it awesome that she hates Delay to the bone and yet she closely follows her show. Miss Classless Swartznegger, you need a lip reduction so you can pack in some of the ignorance you spew.