What the HECK is Deborah Vanessa Wearing? | And It’s From Her Own Clothing Line

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Deborah Vanessa
Deborah Vanessa

Deborah Vanessa seems to say she has a hold on current fashion but considering what she wore to last Night’s Glitz Style Awards in Accra, we are confused as to whether to¬†give her a plus or the middle finger…

Deborah Vanessa shows up at almost all the good parties and events—and that’s what she did last night, wearing a dress which she says it’s from her own clothing line.

And as seen in the photo, the dress nearly gave up on her coochie—that’s from her clothing line, you know.

She’s somewhat crazy so she can close her eyes and wear such stuff but she surely will struggle to market anything along this line to the many decent Ghanaian women out there…

What do you think?

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