CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Afia Schwarzenegger Caught on Tape Profanely Insulting the President of Ghana & Who Dares to Do Anything?

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

Nothing shocks me anymore when it comes to the degree of unnecessary insults some Ghanaians send to each other’s way—and social media has worsened the situation with many subjecting themselves and others to unending contempt.

The incessant insults by Ghanaians have taken strong root in mainstream media, particular on radio and in politics—where the highest office of the land, the presidency is often dragged into discourteous conversations.

In December 2011, I stated in an article that, “For now, I am not an enthusiast of African politics for reasons such as the overwhelming insults political opponents send to the doors of each other every morning…Politics everywhere including the west is a dirty b*stard game, but in Africa (especially Ghana), it comes with far stretching consequences such as unwarranted insults, contempt and cooked lies.”

That was then but today, nothing seems to have changed—the political insults continuous and the commendable high internet penetration in the country has deteriorated the state of affairs.

Many Ghanaian social media users have joined the political conversation not to make any substantive contribution to whatever discourse takes shape but to hoard insults on certain personalities and sadly, the President has been the stable casualty.

You could argue that politics is a dirty game and as such those who get involved should expect such dirty and shocking antics. This would somewhat be true if the Ghanaian culture of insults and the increasing unchecked profanity dwell just within the confines of politics.

Off the political landscape, the value is the same—unnecessary insults dominate the conversation. When a Ghanaian thief is caught, he would have the audacity to insult the person he/she has stolen from. A few days ago, this happened to me; a website had stolen and published one of my articles (undisputed copyright infringement) and when I ordered a pull down of the article—they ushered me into an unjustifiable room of insults. But that’s Ghana…right?

Yesterday, GhanaCelebrities.Com published a video of radio personality and comedienne-Afia Schwarzenegger making a fool out of herself and that alone wouldn’t have attracted a write up from me because that’s not a shock—but in the same video, this ‘insane’ adult jumped about while insulting President John Drama Mahama, saying, F**K John Mahama.

That wasn’t all, she had more to say; “F**k my dirty p**sy,” she added, and let me remind you that, this is someone who works with two reputable media houses in Ghana who wouldn’t probably do a thing about this.

VIDEO: Weed Smoker & Lunatic-Afia schwarzenegger Goes Crazy & …From: GhanaCelebrities.ComWhy this lunatic still has a job is pretty shocking to most reasonable people—and the way she continues to insult the President of Ghana is truly unacceptable.This has nothing to do with democracy—rather, irresponsibility on the part of this woman.Valentina Nana Adjeiwaah, the self proclaimed Afia Schwarzenegger is at it again, this time insulting the first gentleman of the land-President John Dramani Mahama and admitting personally that she is a dirty woman.In a video obtained from instagram user- ‘teamnolongage_gh’, she is heard descending into the gutters with her utterances in a confrontation with someone who seems to have given her a facility she was not very happy about and typical of her erratic behaviour, she is heard threatening to break something and shouting on top of her voice ‘we paid for this stupid facility, f**k John Mahama, F**k my dirty p***y’.How President Mahama’s name came into this is shocking—and really disrespectful. If it’s anywhere in the world, her employers would have slapped her with a sack or at least a suspension for this video.Such conducts should not be entertained—and as we recently reported; “in April, ESPN suspended reporter-Britt McHenry after a video of a foul-mouthed rant went viral—and this was an off duty video yet ESPN considered it as a taint on its reputation, considering the fact that the Britt worked for them.”Afia Schwarzenegger works for Kasapa FM and UTV and goes about tainting their brands with her behaviour such as the one in the video and none of these employers seems to even care.If TV3 was able to suspend Nana Aba Anamoah for tainting their brand, what are the employers of Afia Schwarzenegger waiting for when she goes as far as openly insulting the President for no reason?This is not the first time the mother of three has been caught on video going crazy and this might not be the last.Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Posted by on Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Perhaps we’ve become accustomed to such behaviours that we do not see anything wrong with them again. When you come across adults behaving this way with no accompanying consequence even from their employers, you are sometimes forced to ask; what went wrong with us as a society?

Earlier this year, I wrote another article titled “VIDEOS: About 3 Year Old Girl Insults President Mahama ‘Potoor’ + Another Says He Is Just the Caretaker of the Northerners | My Take on the Increasing Insults” and stated inter alia that, “President John Mahama has disappointed many Ghanaians and it’s proportionate that Ghanaians are angry—and also worried about their future. But the many insults which has become part of Africa politics is unacceptable.”

I added; “I have written countless articles expressing my dissatisfaction with the way the Mahama-led-NDC government is handling Ghana, especially the unbearable ‘Dumsor Dumsor’ that Ghanaians are facing. I have in some of these articles called for mass protest or boycott by Ghanaians to register their unhappiness and struggles—all these are political tools which can be used to achieve results.

What I find absurd which many Ghanaians do on social media and which these kids are also doing is; to insult a sitting president—which is contemptuous of the high office.”

The above was in relation to two shocking videos of children, one as young as 3 years openly insulting the President of Ghana—and obviously with adults behind the cameras, recording the insults.


How any adult will proudly allow this and even tape it for social media consumption is repugnant but if we have people like Afia Schwarzenegger openly doing worse without facing any corresponding sanctions or overwhelming backlash, then it’s as though this has become the norm—worthy of impacting to our children.

Interestingly, TV3’s Nana Aba Anamoah was recently suspended for tainting the reputation of the media house she works for while on a frolic of her own on social media—a welcoming response to the growing Ghanaian disregard for ethics, moral and professionalism.

However, don’t be shocked if Afia Schwarzenegger gets away once again with this shocking video which puts her in a room of irredeemable lunatics. When such actions go without a consequence, others emulate and that’s why we’ve almost succeeded in turning Ghana into hub full degenerated ‘social leaders’ heading a flock of insulting/profane individuals incapable of even according our president with the lowest deserving decency.

I have stated in the past that “If Afia Schwarzenegger (real name Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa) is not talking slack, behaving grossly inappropriate or throwing insults at others—doing all of these when she is allegedly high on weed or drunk, she would be caught lying through her nose; therefore has become a big taint and disgrace to the reputable Despite Group of Companies,” and now Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Network, her employers.

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

What we see in this trending Afia Schwarzenegger video wouldn’t be condoned in any civilized society by any employer, even if the insults were not directed at a sitting President. And don’t fall on democracy, because that’s not the value of democracy.

In April this year, “ESPN suspended reporter-Britt McHenry after a video of a foul-mouthed rant went viral—and this was an off duty video yet ESPN considered it as a taint on its reputation, considering the fact that the Britt worked for them.” Of course Britt apologized, saying, “In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting…As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. I am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake.” But this did not beat down the 1 week suspension she served.

Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was banned for life by the National Basketball Association in April, 2015 as part of a robust set of sanctions for his racist comments which was caught on tape.

The Guardian reported that, “The sanctions against Sterling, which appeared to be the most punitive available to the NBA, were greeted with jubilation by prominent players, some of whom had characterised the issue as a defining moment for the league, 70% of whose players are black but whose team owners are overwhelmingly white.” He was caught on tape and this was duly taken on, investigated and sanctions applied…

This is what happens in other countries, this is how you put people in the needed check box—by defining the acceptable borders. We have to start this in Ghana, from those who sit on our TV and radio stations to those down the chain.

But once again, this is Ghana, who really cares?

Afia Schwarzenegger has recorded a video, reacting to GhanaCelebrities.Com’s publication of the shocking video in which she is clearly seen and heard throwing out offensive words to the President, saying, she has been misrepresented. REALLY?

When Donald Sterling was caught on tape, he also said he was not a racist, sort of suggesting that he had been misrepresented. So reasonable people know how this works when a person is caught, even on tape.

In Afia’s response video, she doesn’t even come up as remorseful—rather sought to justify herself with lies, claiming, that is not what happened. Woman, you are caught on tape committing such an “immoral atrocity” and you have the guts to lie?

This is not the first time this woman has loaded a gun of insults and shot it the way of another—she did the same with Bishop Obinim and even though I detest Obinim’s antics, no reasonable person can justify what Afia Schwarzenegger did. This is the same woman on repeat but this time, the President is the subject.

Posted by Afia Schwarzenegger on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

For me, it’s the lack of decency in her diction which shocks the nerve—if this is not the definition of uncouth, what else could be? “F**k my dirty Pu**y’… REALLY?

This woman is a mother of two—and if anyone does not see anything wrong with her conduct, then we’ve lost it as a society.

We need to aggressively start sanitizing the conversation and it must start with employers holding their employers accountable for the endless disregard for decency.



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13 thoughts on “CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Afia Schwarzenegger Caught on Tape Profanely Insulting the President of Ghana & Who Dares to Do Anything?”

  1. Well say Chris-Vincent. This is Ghana where people are rewarded for things like this. This girl has no professional training in radio or tv and yet she is allowed to be on there insulting everyone. Same way she talked in that video is what she does on radio and tv.

    When I heard Kasapa FM has hired her I was really shocked. Her show has lost touch and trust me, she insulting the president will not go well with her. God will pay her back. Which mature person opens her mouth and insult the father of the whole nation and uses words like f**k my p**sy. Maybe this time the people who employ her will act and call her to order just at Nana Aba has been taught a lesson.

    Ghana must begin to work again.

  2. ‘We sort to use the bathroom…’ hahaha so this chick is trying to now act and sound classy? !?! Ok fine it’s a super short video. Please Afia make the full video available…oops she said she didn’t record the full video. That’s darn convenient lol. LIES! Anyone with a bit of common sense can see from her body language she is lying (stuttering/not making eye contact) and she is hella shook!! Lol. She should be. Would she post the full video even if she did record it. Course not! But you trust her minions will come and defend her whatless behaviour. And people saying you shouldn’t judge her. Wait isn’t she famed for insulting people and judging people? So why when she gets a taste of her own bitter medicine it’s seen as a problem. No doubt someone has the full video will expose the lies.

  3. I am shocked and not also shocked, Seeing that child insult the president while her mother records it just broke my heart. WHich mother will allow that. But if you have a mother like Afia who does this herself, that will seem normal. So this woman has a job and Nana Aba does not?

    Ghana is a hell of a joke. She does not deserve to even clean the shoes of a watchman. She how much she talks. Fuk John Mahama and Fuk my dirty pu$$y.SMH

    What we lack in Ghana is intelligent and honesty. If we are intelligent and honest we will see the BS of this woman in the video she recorded. Is she saying GC made up the video or what? She insulted Obinim left and right and because no one said anything it is now gone to the president. I am sure she does it all the time in private but this time she has been recorded

  4. Let me ask this; Afia says a cleaner suddenly insulted the president. Why will a cleaner start insulting the president? what for? madam you have been busted stop lying

  5. I don’t know what to believe, really. We all admit Afia Swartznegger is a foul-mouthed element but somehow I believe this 15sec video only presents a biased point of view. I wouldn’t put such horrendous remarks past Afia but I strongly believe there is more to this video than meets the eye.

  6. It’s a big pity to say the girl will grow to become someone like Afia who to me has a mental problem but Ghanaians can’;t see to see. This woman (I feel sad calling her woman because she is a disgrace to womanhood) opens her mouth to any degree and whatever comes out, she lets it out. Which educated person will be shouting P88sy this and that and say F88k the president of a country.

    Where did she go to school? Her english is so bad and her face, I should not mention it. But this is the person insulting a whole president. Ghana has a long way to go. Who gave her a job when they need to give her medicine rather?

    So he claims the cleaner was just out of the blue insulting Mahama and she decided to repeat that? Woman, we are not kids. You insulted womahood and the president, now you are caught and you say what? I bow my head in shame

  7. Are u readers for real? or i need a hearing aid. she said the cleaner was a dude, fella, man with balls. how on earth will a man use a sentence ” F**k my dirty p*ssy” well i believe her pu**y is as dirty as her big mouth. go wash ur genitalia and mouth with bleach wai efia.

  8. Go to California hotel adabraka close to trust towers around former o Reilly high school.she was a prostitute at California hotel for many years before she met the southafrican client that liked her sex and took her to south africa with him.Go to California hotel.ask for okala,George or Kwame. What do you expect from an old prostitute?.hurry to California hotel to confirm before she goes there and bribe them to keep quiet.investigate this story.

  9. she is a comedienne .she doesnt need to edit the words that come out of her mouth..she was probably drunk idk but dont judge her based
    on this stupid video..f**k mahama and so what?? yeah fuck mahama he aint doing a good job..simple.

    • Ok and you think she is?? This is what is so ridiculous. That chick is forever cussing out her mouth at ppl for whatever reason but the SECOND someone says anything about her rachett bush behavior ppl say GC is bad. I don’t get it. It doesnt make sense. She is always cussing someone…ALWAYS. yet she is untouchable no…I don’t think so.


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