CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Afia Schwarzenegger, Mzbel, Delay & Diamond Appiah | the Coarse Square of Nuisance

Diamond Appiah
Diamond Appiah

Apart from the undisputed fact that the above four names are deluded Ghanaian Celebrities who attract perennial undeserving media attention, they are plainly benighted social media self glorifying losers—who in reality have “nothing enviable” to their names.

And yet, they wouldn’t grant us a decent week without their constant outbursts, mostly targeting one of themselves which frequently make the headlines.

They say empty barrels make the most noise…right? I say, these four bimbos define the direction of Ghana’s Showbiz noise with their shocking and cheap antics which we would never get used to no matter how often they throw them at us…

It has become a weekly confusing cycle of idiocy—always with one of these names serving as the fountainhead of the nonsense. Occasionally, we get strange casualties such as Nana Aba Anamoah taking charge of the headlines but even that, trust one of these loud-foul mouth industry ‘roundheels’ to quickly snatch the truncheon.

Perhaps, it’s a shadow race among these four, ‘the coarse square of nuisance’ to battle one another each week—so to select one before they all die to permanently occupy the upper echelon of the knuckleheads, a position no rational person would ever envy.

These 4 share a common denominator; ignorance—and 3 claim to be Ashantis or have a strong connection with Kumasi, something they have to remind us anytime they are engaged in one of their numerous brutish verbal assaults.

“I will show you that I am an Ashanti or I will show you I lived in Kumasi” forms the basis of their bragging rights, and ironically, we recently heard Diamond Appiah throwing that line to Deloris Frimpong-Manso, who also happens to have a strong Ashanti/Kumasi connection.

Look, what’s so interesting about being an Ashanti on the battlefield of insults? I would have ran to adjust my lineage if such claims were attached to clever ideas.

If being an Ashanti accords you with a sharp tongue to swank when you have nothing to your name or to smirk in triumph on the battlefield of degrading words, then I pity all those who are proudly Ashanti.

I am sure there are several decent Ashantis out there but why don’t I hear any of these people flogging these swaggeringly irresponsible and studiedly obnoxious characters for their constant equating of being Ashanti to being a linguist of insults?

Interestingly, all these four are grown adults, capable of being my mother—I mean in biology and nothing else. Yet, they come off as though they are always drunk or inanely high.

But then again, it’s alleged they all have either smoke or alcohol problems—surely if we had rehab facilities in Ghana and if we were honest with our evaluations, these people would have been pushing the social media send bottons from inside one of these facilities.

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

Now let’s look at the linchpin of nuisance-Afia Schwarzenegger (real name Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa), and then follow it up with Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) , Mzbel (Nana Ekua Amoah) and Diamond Appiah—and you wouldn’t miss the entrenched similarities.

Afia Schwarzenegger is a real hustler, an alleged former prostitute with strong back in the day trade ties at Adabraka, Accra—with the lowest level of education in the square, loud-putrid mouth which is only great at dishing out insults.

She is great at sending out artillery of insults but very sensitive in handling any when she becomes the receiver—probably, she has not heard of back to sender.

To be fair to Afia, she has a lousy career as a TV/Radio Presenter, founded on her pathetic gruesome personality of insults—she calls it comedy, I call it “ignorance soaked in contempt.” It would be vile for people like Trevor Noah to share the same title with Afia Schwarzenegger, when you evaluate what they do.


Notwithstanding the above, she has what we can loosely call a job with two of our top media houses and has succeeded in gathering a good number of credulous followers on social media, probable, a high percentage of them have no college education and therefore cannot see through the smoke—no matter how light it is.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s entire career and popularity dwell on insane controversy—which explains why she is a strong pillar in the ‘Coarse Square of Nuisance.’


Deloris Frimpong-Manso popularly known as Delay is a polished version of Afia Schwarzenegger—in fact, this is where the loosely translated adage “a crab does not give birth to a bird” takes its full form.

The rivalry between Delay and Afia seems to come from the fact that one has been ungrateful to another—but in reality, it’s about their clashing disgusting similarities.

Just like Afia Schwarzenegger, Delay has little education and according to Diamond Appiah ‘she was mostly chasing banana with monkeys’ when others were in school. She is proudly Ashanti or lived in Kumasi for good length of time, at least so she claims.

And she has a loud mouth dedicated to dishing out insults and targeted innuendos, yet inept at taking a shot when sent her way.

Allegedly she sleeps with “big men” and even had to push her inflated butt above the table for a “sweating afternoon doggy” to secure her current radio job—according to Diamond Appiah.

She is also a TV/radio presenter—with several social media followers of equal identity to those who follower Afia Schwarzenegger; credulous and derisorily shallow.

Diamond Appiah
Diamond Appiah

Diamond Appiah is a defunct musician and the CEO of a bleaching cream outlet in a 21st century Ghana—if this does not give you a clear picture of the sort of person we are dealing with here, then you need to close this page.

You can measure her intellect with the fact that she failed at doing music in Ghana’s unregulated music industry—where every chaff can become a hit over night.

A few years ago, it was alleged on GhanaCelebrities.Com that, Diamond Appiah was involved in a fraud case while in the UK—which fetched her an unexpected deportation to Kotoka International Airport.


The next on the ladder is Nana Ekua Amoah (Mzbel)—brainless non-bra wearing voluble “trickster” just like the others and currently, she has no career. Without anything to call a job, she spends a lot of time on social media where she mostly generates her controversies to hijack the headlines.

She also loves to take shots at others—but a little punch at her name from any person mostly sends her crying. Mzbel shares a common trait with all the above names: decency, self-respect and humility are the missing ingredients in their lives.

And of course, they can’t even find a man to call their own. Some of us will pity that man who would take a public interest in any of them—-maybe ‘God’ will do them a favour when they realize they’ve become money making machines for the newspapers and the blogs.

Did I mentioned that all the four are deep seated hypocrites who throw out the name of God on the same instagram pages where they sometimes proudly  show the entire world their ‘coochies’ or something close to that?

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

In their delusion, they are the Boss Chicks of Ghana’s Entertainment Industry; they define the news with their controversies and set the tone of the insults—when in reality, they are “the Coarse Square of Nuisance”, slickly taking us through each week with laughter and sometimes compelling us to ask: Are they really normal?

Maybe it’s time we pull the plug and cut the “square” off the headlines—we give these people too much attention, more than they would ever be worth. Enough of these grown a** adults talking slack at each other and snatching the headlines with that—we can do far better by redefining the conversation.


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18 thoughts on “CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Afia Schwarzenegger, Mzbel, Delay & Diamond Appiah | the Coarse Square of Nuisance”

  1. I love your last paragraph so true and I wish that can happen to.

    Maybe it’s time we pull the plug and cut the “square” off the headlines—we give these people too much attention, more than they would ever be worth. Enough of these grown a** adults talking slack at each other and snatching the headlines with that—we can do far better by redefining the conversation.

  2. h3333, Chris, wano y3 ya ooh! Lmao! Good piece but people like me follow Schwarz Afia cuz we always want to remember the world is never a “fair” place

  3. Hehehe murdering paa be this? Now these four have met their meeter. How can you combine the 4 and finish them like this? Prepare for the verbal assault you talk about. Truue talk though, these people are nothing but always in the news for wrong reasons. Gifty Anti is also a TV presenter, a respectable one but we never hear in the news of insults like these people

  4. I am shocked that someone with your educational background will write such a demeaning article

    Did it occur to you that:

    1) these ladies you have so condescendingly bashed as classless, no-hopers
    and uneducated have at least given you (a highly educated elite) a material to
    write about and thus in their own way have contributed to keeping you in

    2) by your eagerness to belittle these ladies from your educated high horse, you have (knowingly or unknowingly) looked down on and insulted a people, a city and a tribe – people of Kumasi, Kumasi and Asantes?

    3) by your eagerness to contemptuously look down on these ladies who are
    doing what they know how to survive the jungle we call Ghana, you have
    deliberately insulted their friends and social media followers?

    What you are forgetting about is that showbiz is not (always) an
    academic exercise and that showbiz of today, with the advent of social media
    and reality shows, has become more diverse in its output which means that it has a
    little something for everyone. More than it did in the generations prior,
    showbiz of today portrays a truer reflection of our society, good or bad.

    These ladies may each have an excuse for their behaviour, if we are to
    go by your view that they are uneducated, jobless and classless. You, on the other
    hand, with your educational background, have no excuse for doing exactly the
    same thing you are accusing them of doing – insulting a whole tribe and the innocent social media followers of these ladies.

    Their version of showbiz might not be your cup of tea (it most certainly
    isn’t mine); the right is however yours to critique it not demean it and insult its

    As the saying goes, refrain from pointing a finger at someone because
    you always end up pointing three at yourself.

    I don’t know if it is your intention to join this group – this group of girls you just
    bashed and their version of showbiz – but if this is an audition, you have done
    a great job; you can hold your own in their midst. In others words, you are
    just like them.

    • Wow, the most sensible comment’s so far on this silly writings of Chris. Good to know there are decent and right thinking guys like Kwame Boadu

      • Nana, serious critiquing is devoid of insults and outright condescension else it becomes the version of showbiz Chris seems to be incensed about – it becomes a gossip corner or gossip-like critiquing.

  5. Kwame Boadu and Nana Yaw, your contribution is as senseless as it can be. their followers are not well trained and have no meaning in life. I have you heard of people unfollowing useless people who call themselves celebrities? can they be role models? will you marry any of them or if they were your sisters will you encourage them? maybe you are like them and raised from the streets. arent there other celebrities who are decent and dont go the dirty way as these girls do? they are trash! period!! maybe you are one of them and have changed your name.

    • At least they are making their own money; they are not stealing Ghana money like most ministers and politicians do. And they are not conning poor people of their hard-earned money like most African pastors do.

      They insult themselves and you hate that. But you are also insulting them and their followers and you love that. Apart from an hypocrite, what does that make you? Think about it carefully!!!

      • well, then, since you dont see anything wrong with what they do, go ahead and proudly marry one of them if you are not married. they need to be lashed. advise them to work hard instead of using their front holes for money. they have allowed themselves to be disrespected so dont complain at all.

        • What is this obsession with marriage? Most Ghanaian men cheat or have multiply lovers as well, are they still not marriage material? And most politicians and rich Ghanaian married men have younger side-kicks, why are their wives still with them? Would they want their wives to leave them because of that?
          It is supply and demand. As long as men continue to seek to sleep with women, women will sleep with men. The reason is irrelevant! Why are you then quick to castigate the women but not the men?

          You have to have broader perspective on life to be more tolerant and I think you are yet to have that. There are so many things regarding the lifestyles of humans that we might not approve of but have no choice but to accept for afterall it is the individual’s life!
          For example there are some married couples that prefer to swap partners. That’s their cup of tea not mine; why should I condemn their choice of lifestyle and in a disdain fashion? Who died and made me God! He who without sin should cast the first stone, as the Christian bible says.
          What I can, and I believe am allowed to, do is critique their choices or lifestyle constructively (give my opinion about it) without being disrespectful and condescending and most importantly, make sure that I don’t appear a hypocrite.

  6. Do these women rape the men and pastors you are talking about? Do they put guns to their heads to sleep with them and give them money? Like I said, it is supply and demand so if one action or group of people in this act is condemnable, the other should be as well.

    What these women have done is carved out a niche for themselves which seems to serve them well, economically. What I see Chris doing is forcing himself into this niche with the hope of profiting from it because what will happen is someone will read this article and tell the girls about it which they will pick up and respond in kind, bringing Chris into the frame and thereby drawing more traffic to his articles, which will sit well with him economically.

    What people like you do with your insults is exactly what these ladies want – keep fanning the flame! This keeps the industry booming which means more money to these ladies.

    And this, my insult-driven friend, is modern showbiz101.

  7. Who told you Delay is an Ashanti ? She always claims to be a proud Kwahu girl from Nkawkwa. So why are you lying ? This article is stupid and senseless as you are.


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