I Will Reason With My Potential Side Chicks Before My Wedding Day—Says M.I

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A typical ‘bad man’ behavior…he is not ready to marry anytime soon but he’s contemplating on how to deal with the ladies whose hearts he’s playing games with before he walks down the aisle.

Popular Nigerian singer Jude Abaga, better known as M.I, says he doesn’t want to be disgraced on his wedding day; so he will inform all his side chicks and even reason with them about his marriage before the day arrives.

He revealed in an interview that it will be very risky for him to marry now because of the number of ladies that he is dating now.

“Let’s say I have a girlfriend. And I say I am getting married now. The ripple effect is crazy because for me to make that statement I would have to inform all potential side chicks that I am about to get married,” he told the Tribune Newspaper.

“The reason I said side chick, without meaning to be rude, is that you would be surprised someone from nowhere might decide to post a silly comment on social media about how you have been with them a week ago. Also, I may have to call the girl’s father and mother to tell them that I will be making a press statement about marrying their daughter.

“The implications are far reaching. Because of all of these things I believe that if you want to have a real family life you definitely have to protect it, no matter how much the media want to know you have to protect it,” he said.

No wonder he is still not married at the age of 44…

M.I has won several awards including the MTV Africa Music Awards 2009. He was nominated in the Best International Act category at the BET Awards 2010. He rose to prominence in 2006 when his song “Crowd Mentality” became popular in his hometown of Jos.

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  1. Good luck with that….and she you reason with the side chicas in peace the let the other guys know…seruously like I always tell my make friends its not every gurl you can mess with…sine invented craziness…lol but all the same M.I telemo