Really?…President Mahama Says Ghana Is Rising From The Bottom Pit Because Nobody Begs For Iced-Water Anymore

President John Dramani Mahama
President John Dramani Mahama

Ghana’s President, John Dramani Mahama is at it again. This time the first gentle man of our land says the country is rising because majority of Ghanaians can afford iced-water.

He said Ghanaians do not beg for iced-water due to the improvement of electricity and more communities being connected to the national grid.

“Ghana is the only country that has not suffered civil war. Our nation is favored, and our nation is great. Ghana was recognized in the whole community and celebrated as the first sub Saharan African country to have independence but by the 1970s and 1980s; the country fell to the bottom of the pit…Our economy was struggling, there was no light, …to make matters worse there was no food.”

“God’s favour was on the country and we were able to overcome all that. Ghana is rising again; today we have the fastest growing middle class in Africa. Nobody goes to the next door to beg for iced water. In every house, everyone has a TV in his room and we have access to water,” he noted.

If the development of this country is determined by the number of people who doesn’t ‘beg for iced-water’ then we have a long way to go.

How can a whole President make such a statement?—I was expecting some of the NDC foot soldiers or communicators to make this statement and not the President himself…

The erratic power supply otherwise known as ‘dumsor’ is worsening each and everyday…and for JDM to tell us that the life of Ghanaians have been improved is neither here nor there.

We all know the challenges that we are facing in Ghana…so we need not to repeat it today…but it’s time for us to let our President to know that he is talking too much and as they often say; ’empty barrels make the most noise’…


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3 thoughts on “Really?…President Mahama Says Ghana Is Rising From The Bottom Pit Because Nobody Begs For Iced-Water Anymore”

  1. Why are you surprised of this statement…. This is even nothing compare to the other statements he’s been making….listen to his interview when he was in England then you will definitely understand why he takes insult from anybody….if this man wins the election next year then there’s something wrong with Ghana and its people….. But then again there’s always so,etching wrong with us….. I listened to npps policy to the of cpp during the last election and I didnt understand why NPP and CPP joined power…. I still don’t understand as their policy was similar….oh Nkrumah Ghana paaaa nie


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