Lydia Forson and Joey B Held Hostage At A Hotel For Failing to Pay Hotel Bills in Kumasi

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Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson and musician-Joey B of ‘Tonga’ fame were literally held hostage at a hotel in Kumasi for failing to pay the bills of their stay over the weekend in a manner which can best be described as ‘deeply embarrassing.’

Though it seems like it was not the fault of the two celebrities, they stayed in the hotel and once the bills were not paid by the bookers, they were held by the hotel to clear the bills before leaving. Pretty reasonable but it turned out to be problematic.

According to DailyGuide, “Articulate Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson and musician Joey B were stranded in Kumasi over the weekend, with management of the hotel in which they were lodged threatening to detain them over non payment of bills.

Security at the Kosados Arena Hotel at Aprade Junction, in the middle of the drama, actually threatened to lock the main gate and hold the actress and musician hostage.”

Apparently, Lydia Forson and Joey B were in Kumasi on invitation to attend an event dubbed “Ladies Night Out by Regime Eventz at the KNUST CCB Auditorium.”

It was the event organizers who booked the hotel for them—without making the necessary payments. The event in itself was reported to have flopped but when it was time for the two celebrities to check out, the hotel demanded that they settle the bills themselves.

DailyGuide adds that “things did not turn out well and ended up in an embarrassing drama.”

Since the organisers were no where to be found, it seems the hotel was worried about how they were going to get their monies should they let the two celebrities slip off to Accra.

The website further states that “the misunderstanding created a scene at the hotel, with the hotel’s security threatening to lock the main gate of the hotel to stop the stars from leaving.

Eventually, a man whose name was given as ‘Loggy’ and said to be the agent who contracted the stars for the organisers showed up and said he would buy the return tickets for them.

This, however, did not solve the problem of unpaid hotel bills.

The stars insisted they had no contract with the hotel and had not even booked any room so they would not allow themselves to be detained.”

That’s embarrassing…


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