Oyiwa! Ofori Amposah Says SCREW GOD & That He is No More A Pastor

Ofori Amponsah
Ofori Amponsah

What is there to say again?

In my recent article titled “Ofori Amponsah | A Genuine Mistake, A Staunch Hypocrite or A Confident Fraudster?,” I stated among other things that:

“How is Evangelist Ofori Amponsah, God’s anointed and selected one to lead the flock going to align his bewildering highlife lifestyle with 2 Corinthians 6:14–“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers? For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

The church houses the believers who exalt their God with a type of song which follows a certain principle—’Alewa’ does not serve this purpose and if Ofori wouldn’t be able to rally his church members to sing it to the glory of God, then surely there is a big indelible question mark on it.

Ofori Amponsah is well aware of the conundrum—he cannot serve God in the path he seems to be retuning to, at least in the estimation of every sincere Ghanaian Christian. But the problem is, evangelism lacks a competing incentive—especially when his church has ‘refused’ to grow and the bank account is not running over as that of Bishop Obinim or T. B Joshua.

From afar, it looks like Ofori Amponsah made a mistake with the highlife musical hiatus, erroneously thinking he could achieve the same sumptuous feast with gospel music but a closer examination puts in up there as a staunch hypocrite, trying to have his cake back after having munched it all.

There is a third option, the most plausible of them all: he is a confident fraudster who thought the offertory box was a nippy way to richness at a time his musical career was swiftly dwindling in value and returns.

Musician Criss Waddle captured the minds of several Ghanaians, at least mine, when he took to his facebook page to write “Ofori Amponsah God never Called You, infact he didn’t even Flash you!!! Why exactly are you back to highlife? S3 Sesia wo p3 Kakra?#?AMGToTHEBLOODCLATWORLD ?#?akaBaako”

Nothing stops Ofori from making a U-turn and I don’t intend to judge his choices but he should not take Ghanaians for idiots, as if we are incapable of putting this cheap jigsaw puzzle together.

At least, rapper/pastor-Mase (real name Mason Durell Betha) serves as a global precedent of such wiliness—and a repeat in Ghana can easily be spotted.”

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Today, Evangelist/Pastor Ofori Amponsah, founder of ‘Holy Grounds Sanctuary’ has told Bola Ray on Starr Fm that, he is letting go his pastoral position—because of his return to highlife music.

Literally, this man is saying; screw God, His call and His church—let me go and make some money because this church is not making a brother a dime.

This is exactly what Ofori Amponsah said: “I will no more be a pastor of the Church.I will now be a member of the church…I will still worship with them, that is what I was doing before I became Ofori Amponsah and I will continue doing it.”

On disappointing God with his return to highlife music and forgoing the church, he said, “I have not disappointed God… I think I am on the right path.”



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