Akosua Abebrese Writes: Ofori Amponsah is A Walking Contradiction | A True ‘Otoolege’

Ofori Amponsah
Ofori Amponsah

I do not know whether to rejoice or be angry but I am certain the heavens are at peace—and God is sipping on some fine French while with Jesus Christ is dancing to ‘Otoolege’.

The angels are particularly excited because their long nights watch over a man whom they were worried about over the high probability that he was going to subject the holy name of their master to contempt is over.

When I read Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri’s latest article in relation to the Ofori Amponsah’s issue in which he insisted Ofori was one of these or all of them: a staunch hypocrite, a confident fraudster or a man who had made a genuine mistake—I had a small amount of hope Ofori Amponsah would probably redeem himself and drift from the confident fraudster status Chris conveniently accorded him but he has rather confirmed this.

We were in this country when Ofori Amponsah told us God has called him and that he was leaving behind his high life music career to pursue evangelism—coincidentally, God called him when his musical career was almost dead and the streams of his music income seemed to have stopped flowing at an enviable speed.

Money is the root of all evil but combine that with desperation to be famous and you would create a caricature who stands for nothing and would do everything, including forsaken his own creator to remain relevant and cushion his pocket.

It’s obvious Ofori Amponsah is a walking contradiction, he stands for nothing and that includes his own words—that’s the definition of ‘Otoolege’ out there in our faces.

You can take everyone for granted in this world but to outsmart God is pretty bold and insane—this is exactly what this man thinks he has done.

He went ahead to establish a church in God’s name and now that the church is not bringing in as much money as he probably estimated when his career was not profitable, he has decided to spit in God’s holy face by relinquishing the prestigious, desirable and worthy title of being a pastor/evangelist—so that he can comfortably dip into his high life music lifestyle.

I pray God never grants Ofori Amponsah a hit song again. He did it to rapper-Mase when he pulled this same fraudulent enterprise: became a pastor and then when things were difficult, he returned to hip-hop once again only to flop and disappear into oblivion.

Even if God the ever merciful one still decides to grant confused Ofori Amponsah a hit song, I am never going to buy it or any of his records again—because, this man can’t even stick up for his own words and I am not going to spend a dime on such an ‘Otoolege’ who thinks he is the smartest out there.

At this stage, only a few would argue that Ofori Amponsah was indeed called by God to establish a church and then abandon it so to be able to return to the same music/lifestyle he told us God saved him from—and these are obviously those who have decided to make less use of their thinking faculties.

For me, “what can come can come,” but what worries me most at this stage is Ofori Amponsah’s continuous media talk—clearly making a fool out of himself and importantly out of God, His church and those God genuinely calls to serve Him.

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Now Mr Otoolege is free to make all the ‘vain’ songs he desires to jump on, which may get him several gigs or a loud performance at the annual Ghana Music Awards with folks dancing to his old and new release but he should not forget the ultimate,  that eventually he will meet his creator where he will have to account for the mockery he has subjected Christianity to and how he ditched God for his own worldly obsession.

If you do not know, Ofori Amponsah has publicly declared he is no more a pastor and laughably, he defended his decision by saying, he is on the right path.

He is said, “I will no more be a pastor of the Church. I will now be a member of the church…I will still worship with them, that is what I was doing before I became Ofori Amponsah and I will continue doing it.”

On whether he feels he has disappointed God with his return to highlife music and forgoing his church, he said, “I have not disappointed God… I think I am on the right path.”

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Insulting to the members of his church, I am told Ofori Amponsah did not even tell them about his decision to surrender his ‘pastor/evangelist’ title but rather announced it on radio. And he calls himself ‘Mr All 4 Real? Dude, you are never for real…

This man is an embarrassment to Christianity. And though it’s sad, I am glad this is happening—because we can all smile that one of the fake men of God has disappeared from the game with many more to follow.

Good luck Mr. Amponsah but remember no God ever called you, not even any of Kwaku Bonsam’s plenty drunkard gods whispered your name.

Now let’s dance to ‘Otoolege’ as I finish the rest of my cold waakye!


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10 thoughts on “Akosua Abebrese Writes: Ofori Amponsah is A Walking Contradiction | A True ‘Otoolege’”

  1. You don’t have to buy any of his CDs again or others because, (they normally have just one nice track and the others are rubbish anyway )you will hear them being played on radio, and you can download or watch them on YouTube for free. Lol

  2. True talk Akosua. This man has really disappointed man and God. He should be careful because you cannot play with God’s name like this

  3. Yeee ghanaians, our nation is going down and y’all can’t revolt this naive and corrupt Mahama’s administration. Instead, y’all talk about Ofori Amponsah’s religious faith… As matter of fact only God can judge

    • Masa God bless you wai !! Like for real for real. Ghanafuo p3 ns3m kika too much!!!! We have our priorities f*cked up big time. Whatever O.A does is between himself and his God and would not change the 100% increment in eletric and water bill for an even worse service

  4. Africa continent got nuttin’ to show for. Africa is basically known for corruption, diseases, civil wars, trabalism, thereis nutting good about africa and africans blame white folks for economic failure. Yall gotta think about how u will get a place in heaven and leave Ofori Amponsah alone,; like i said only God can judge him

    • Do not judge others for you to be judge. We all have our faith and it’s between him and God. You don’t have to be a pastor to only worship God. I believe he did the right thing bcos that is the talent God gave to him to sing about love song.
      You dont have to buy his CDs but I am really happy for him to come back bcos his single is really nice.
      How many of us go to church and pretend we are Christians but we still make mockery of God and sin.

  5. And who are you to judge? If you will not buy his single or album there are others who will. Its so irritating when people like Akosua and Chris hide behind their PCs/Laptops and destroy the reputation of others. Check yourself Akosua for the for we do not know what’s behind the curtains of your bedroom window

  6. Only a fool doesn’t change his mind. At some point in our lives we all have had to make certain decisions that probably wasn’t the best and had to redraw or make a turn around. He was once a pastor but no more what’s the crime in this? Let’s wish him well and hope he gets us dancing like he use to back in the day. Christians should learn to forgive just as their good book teaches them to… Alewa all the way


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