Akosua Hanson Says Disgraced KKD Should Shut Up About Rape Case & Media Houses Should Stop Granting Him Platforms (VIDEO)

Akosua Hanson
Akosua Hanson

Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) has been blasted by radio personality and co-host of Celebrity Fanzone-Akosua Hanson for a recent comment he made at Glitz Style Awards in Accra.

At the event, KKD in an interview said the rape case affected his brand positively—sort of saying, he is glad it happened.

“It has affected the brand KKD, people have become kinder to me, people have become more embracing of me and I think another thing that it’s done for the brand is to redirect the energies of the brand towards those who want us to soar,” KKD is reported to have said.

Following the above comment, Akosua Hanson decided to say it as it is—that media houses should stop granting disgraced KKD platforms where he keeps throwing out garbage in relation to the rape case.

She said: “I honestly feel we shouldn’t give this KKD space at all to even speak about it.” She added that “there are always people who will support the alleged rapist.”

And then she went on a long hard truth telling—which landed her on: “It is so sad, it is incredibly sad that there are media people who give him the space to talk about it. How can that happen in this country? There is no shame?. He was a scapegoat for a reason, we should’ve punished him for that.”

December last year, Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) was arrested for allegedly raping a 19 year old girl in Accra—and even though he came out to say he had sexual intercourse with the girl, he insisted it was not rape and that the sex was consensual. The stated it she was raped—and that the sex was not consensual.

Before the trial started, the accuser wrote to the judge and the necessary authorities to say she was no longer interested in going ahead with the case. She stated that, the media warfare the case attracted had become excessively difficult to handle and that she wouldn’t cooperate if the State went ahead with the case.

Hours after the accusers expression of disinterest in the case, KKD wrote a letter apologising to the ‘victim’ and blamed the s*xual act on “fleeting pleasures of the flesh.”

The state of Ghana decided to go ahead with prosecution without the key witness (the victim) but later dropped the case.

Watch the video below.



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