The Guy Who Was Alleged To Have Assaulted Yvonne Nelson Opens Up | Says Yvonne Told Him ‘Nigerians Are Useless And Stupid’

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Some weeks back we reported a fan allegedly assaulted Yvonne Nelson because she was disrespectful to him. Now the fan whose name is Elvis Eze, has opened up about the whole incident and he is saying Yvonne is bloody liar because he never touched her as she claimed.

Narrating his account to Lailas Blog, the gentleman said he attended a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, September 26, where he met Yvonne Nelson through a mutual friend.

He said: “Ingrid (the mutual friend) introduced me to Yvonne Nelson as her brother and Yvonne to me as a friend. When the introduction was over, I wanted to have a handshake with Yvonne. She blatantly refused and she was rude to me, saying she doesn’t shake or hug people that she’s not familiar with and I walked out.”

Eze told the blog that he was disappointed with Yvonne Nelson’s chilly reception but he never assaulted her. He however admitted that he stalked and admonished her for being rude to him.

“On my way out, I saw her sitting in her car and I walked up to her and told her that ‘Yvonne what you did in there is not called for because I’m a big fan of yours and I watch your movies,” he said bitterly. ” I follow your movies and I was opportune to see you for the first time after someone introduced me to you, I was just trying to say Hi and you were rude to me.”

Eze added that Yvonne responded by raining insults on him, saying “Nigerians are useless, mad, crazy and stupid”. He said after the verbal abuse from Yvonne, he “walked away from there and went home”.

“I never assaulted her, I didn’t touch her or beat her, I did not molest her and I left there without anybody harassing me or chased me out because I did not touch her,” he insisted. “Even Ingrid Alabi was there and she can bear me witness and other people there can also bear witness to this. A lot of people were there, actors and actresses that were there can bear me witness”

There you have it folks! There are two sides  to a coin, and after weighing both sides, Eze’s story sounds more legit in our unbiased ears. It is very sad Yvonne framed him up just for attention!


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