I Can Smoke Shisha 24/7—Says Ella Mensah

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Ella Mensah
Ella Mensah

Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah has admitted that she does consume shisha and doing that makes her happy in life.

The pretty actress speaking in an interview with the Vanguard disregarded speculations that she smoke cigar—according to her she substitute cigarettes smoking for shisha which she believes is less harmful.

Contrary to her believes, research has shown that the volume of smoke inhaled in an hour-long shisha session is estimated to be equivalent of smoking between 100 and 200 cigarettes.

“I know someone, a friend who has never smoked in his life; he has never taken any alcohol, exercises well, drinks a lot of water, he doesn’t go clubbing, if they say someone knows how to take care of himself, it is this friend.

“Do you know that a doctor just diagnosed him with lung cancer? And I know some junkies out there who have been smoking and drinking and they don’t have any atom of cancer. I just got tired of everybody saying you smoke and you have fans, what story are you telling them. If I smoke, I’ll own up and tell people yeah I smoke, is there anything wrong with me smoking? It’s my life but I don’t smoke.

“I love shisha, I love shisha so badly that if all I wanted I have them and I don’t have to work again, I can smoke shisha 24/7 all day everyday,” she quips.

Shisha is glass-bottomed water in which fruit-flavoured tobacco is covered with foil and roasted with charcoal. The tobacco smoke passes through a water chamber and is inhaled deeply and slowly; the fruit-flavoured tobacco tastes smooth.


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