Ghanaian Musician-Amandzeba Angry Over Visa Denial | Calls On Government To Intervene

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Veteran Ghanaian Musician Amandzeba Nat Brew has registered his displeasure in relation to the way and manner most of the foreign embassies in the country deny entertainers visas to go about their businesses outside the country.

He said it is an unfortunate development that people who act as cultural ambassadors for the country will be treated this way.

The musician charged government to come to their aide as—the refusal of their visas has bad influence on their business and also a huge insult to them as entertainers.

“The minute I roll up my sleeves and then pick up my bag to go outside it means I’m going to perform at a function and return to my country…”

“So it’s a huge insult when embassy officials look at your passport irrespective of the frequency at which you travel outside and say ‘I don’t think when you go, you are coming back to your country. it’s a huge insult,” he said on Entertainment This Week on Hitz FM.

“I want to sound this clarion call for government to wake up because our practise represents a huge chunk of the informal sector where the appropriate authorities like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration must intercede because we are cultural ambassadors,” Amandzeba appealed.

The irony is, we call these people celebrities and yet they can’t even secure visas at the back of their status.