Selly Says Nando’s Allege STD Infestation Dented Her Image | And She Doesn’t Want To Remember Him Anymore

Selly and Nando
Selly and Nando

Ghana’s Big Brother Africa Rep for season 8, Selly Galley says Nando who banged her at the BBA house some years ago is her number enemy—and doesn’t want to remember him ever in her life.

Selly speaking in an interview with Delay on Viasat 1 admitted that Nando’s claims that she infected him with a sexually transmitted disease after their sexual bout really dented her image.

“I don’t want to ever remember him, I don’t want to have anything to do with him, I mean that chapter is one aspect of my life that I do not want to ever remember. I have closed that bit. He only comes to mind when he likes my pictures or a friend tells me he wants to talk to me that is when there is an awakening that I have ever come across someone called Nando. I have totally closed it,” she said.

The Tanzanian BBA rep said Selly did not back his intention to use condom during the encounter—but the Ghanaian actress said she only cuddled with him—and nothing more.

Selly is a talk show host, actress, producer and an entrepreneur. She is best known for her talk show dubbed Cine Afrik Premieres on Joy TV. She recently married her long term partner-Praye Tietia.