Christabel Ekeh Says No S*x Before Marriage | Who is She Kidding?

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Christabel Ekeh
Christabel Ekeh

What did we just hear? That’s the biggest joke of the century right?

Actress Christabel Ekeh says she is practicing chastity—that she is into the business of no sex before marriage. But why do we find it difficult to believe her?

Christabel in a recent interview with Delay said because she is a committed Christian and believes in the taking of communion, she does not fornicate as that would make taking the holy communion sinful.

She said: “I do not fornicate and take communion, I have a guy yes, but we do not fornicate, I have not slept with him, we have not gotten there yet.”

If this is the same guy who bought her that Hammer, then it wouldn’t be contemptuous to say he is a Ghanaian version of mugu—paying without chopping.

The actress: “ I have not participated in any act that is meant to be for those who are married, the farthest we have gone is to kiss.”

Do you think Christabel is telling the truth on this subject? We think it’s a lot of bollocks!