We Don’t Compete With Anyone But Ourselves—P Square

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P Sqaure
P Sqaure

The Okoye brothers are still standing firm and remain one of Africa’s great musicians after the duo were hit by controversies of an alleged break up some months ago.

Paul, the twin brother of Peter Okoye, speaking in an interview with the Vanguard said they were able to achieve success over the years by the help of God who make it possible for them to stand the test of time—and all the storm that came into their life.

He indicated that one the secret that has ensured their success apart from God, is that; they do not compete with anyone else but they compete with them selves.

He added that the group also takes whatever they do—in relation to their career seriously.

“God made it possible. There’s also this thing about P-Square; we take our career serious. It started as fun, but it became business, and later, it became about the fans. Yes, we’re super stars, but you’re not a super star without super fans. We don’t have any competition; we only compete with ourselves. If you’re competing with P-Square, you’re wasting your time,” he said.

The duo are reported to handle most of their production/beat making in house. They’ve faced many controversies for their habit of sampling western and popular hits songs in their records.

They signed a record deal with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label in December 2011.


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