The Return of the Biatches | Diamond Says Mzbel Is Depressed Because She Was S*xually Molested

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Diamond Appiah
Diamond Appiah

Every individual in the fame game requires some level of attention to be relevant in the industry, but when it becomes more than necessary, then it becomes pathetic because it reflects a deep-seated lack of self-worth and self-confidence in the person.

To be frank, Diamond Appiah and Mzbel are among the numerous grown-ups with childish attitudes parading themselves as celebrities in this country, disturbing the peace of others.

In this 21st century when people are making good use of social media, these two are rather throwing ‘shots’ at each other – something that the dumbest animal wouldn’t do if given access to social media.

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As Michelle Yox once said, let a moron be a moron, let drama be drama, but you, walk away knowing you’re the better of the party because you don’t entertain foolishness and immaturity.

The statement above is for the wise, but definitely when two immature individuals are involved in a banter, be sure of a very prolonged one; and that’s exactly what is going on between Diamond and Mzbel – the two ‘dead’ musicians.

In her latest instagram post, Diamond is asking Ghanaians to pray for Mzbel. According to her, Mzbel is suffering from depression because she was s*xually molested by some students and armed robbers.

We are sure Mzbel will bounce back with a reply. Until then, let me state that the zoo shouldn’t be reserved for animals only, some human beings need to join them there as soon as possible.

Check out the screenshot of the post

Diamond's post
Diamond’s post
Diamond's Instagram Post
Diamond’s Instagram Post


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  1. Mzbel insulted her first so am not surprised diamond is firing back..but why will mzbel bring dead ppl’s name in this their childs play smh..well just got my popcorn n coke thou n waiting for the next scene of the movie..hahahahaha diamonds punchlines thou lol

    1. Mzbel never insulted her first, it all started when she mistakingly liked Diamond’s pic, and she (Diamond) posted it all over social media saying her enemies blah blah blah & she created a fake IG account to disgrace Mzbel n vice-versa …they r all at fault though & lol at the last part of ur comment.

      1. But if she n diamond were not cool then what was she doing on her page liking her post weda accidentally or not,I really don’t care if dey kill demselves,attention whores