Blakk Rasta Says Multimedia Pleaded With Him To Stay On His Job For Sometime

Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta

Reggae musician and radio presenter, Abubakar Ahmed, popularly known as Blakk Rasta, who recently resigned from Hitz FM- has stated that he declined a request from his employers to stay on the job until they found someone to take over from him.

But according to him, he did not agree to the deal because he didn’t want to invite fresh troubles—due to how pissed off he was with the entire situation.

“My Boss pleaded with me to stay on till the end of the month so they can get a replacement but I kindly told him am no more inspired to work for the station and if I did I would attract more court cases for Hitz FM,” he disclosed on Radio Gold.

He pronounced that his resignation from Multimedia was the best option since he wasn’t ready to put himself in the shoes of a student lawyer, who is tasked to handle crucial cases.

“I was no longer inspired to work for Multimedia because they entrusted my whole life in a mere student lawyer. Perhaps his demeanour would have caused me in jail.”

The runaway radio presenter incurred the wrath of Ghanaian Parliamentarians following his false accusations that about 80% of MPs used marijuana (wee). And he was forced to apologize on the floor of Parliament by the Privileges Committee after he failed to back his claims with concrete evidence.

Blakk Rasta took the opportunity to announce his intention to come back on radio soon.

“Most of my fans do not have interest in Reggae stuff on radio because their Messiah (Blakk Rasta) is no more on radio but I can assure them that my comeback will be hotter than fire.”