CONFIRMED: John Dumelo Says He Will Soon Start Campaign for NDC | It Has Always Been Obvious

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo passed by my hotel in Accra briefly this morning—and as usual, the conversation was about how unfair GhanaCelebrities.Com has been to him.

When a celebrity says we’ve been unfair to him or her, it is mostly about how honest and brutal we’ve been in reporting his/her stories—but John Dumelo wouldn’t easily accept that.

The handwriting has been on the wall for many years that John Dumelo has a soft spot for the NDC—let’s say, he has always shared in the political ideology and policies of the NDC but his huge politically diverse fan base has kept him politically inactive.

However, John Dumelo has hinted to GhanaCelebrities.Com that he will soon start campaigning for the NDC—which means, he will be moving from being politically inactive to become somewhat a political activist.

It has always been obvious John harboured a political ambition and his recent NDC favoured comments  indicated he was going to be flying on the ticket of the party when the time is right.

The time is almost here and for now, we can say; John Dumelo’s balls seem to have hardened enough—such that, he is ready to take a stand as belonging to the NDC, irrespective of the hovering fan chaos this may cause.

From our conversation, it became obvious coming out of the closet to say he belongs to the NDC has been difficult for John Dumelo—but globally, several celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger have taken strong political stance which have had no immense disadvantage to their careers.

But that’s the West where politics is well placed. In Ghana, the propensity to collapse an independent career with politics is awfully high so let’s wish John Dumelo “Good Luck”—he needs it.


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  1. Terrible photo to start with. Trying too hard to look like the talented handsome Clint Eastwood or maybe in his case some back-woods cowboy, newsflash… not working!
    Secondly, it seems like in Ghana as long as you are Ayibge you can’t think outside the box. Good luck to mother Ghana. NDC will continue to rape and pilfer Ghana as long as you have idiots who only think of themselves in Ghana.

    1. And would you care to comment about the abject tomfoolery going on in the NPP right now? You think the mess of people thinking only of themselves is synonymous to only one party huh ?

      If Dumelo has chosen to be NDC that is nobody’s business. He is a citizen of GHANA that means regardless of his tribe he is free to join any bloody party of his choice so go and burn the sea.

      If you are NPP go and help you party climb out of their backbiting death pit then maybe you can have a shot at winning 2016!

        1. That is just as myopic as saying all Ashanti’s are NPP. Let’s stop assuming we know what is going on here. That’s wat am saying….

    2. But you paaaa. How will you feel if dumelo also called you an idiot for belonging to a different party other than NDC?
      Please learn to respect everyone’s freedom of political choice. It is not by force ok.
      By the way his mother is pure breed ASHANTI woman so stop the disgusting tribalistic talk. It seems you are rather the one stuck in the box. Shame.

      1. yep! mr Dumelo is not 100% Ewe. According to him He is Ewe on his Dad’s side and Fante and Ashanti on his mother’s side.(PM Express and Autograph : You Tube). Dumelo speaks Fanti…………

    1. If he is a thief why has he not been arrested yet?
      You are here writing about him and commenting meanwhile you dont exist to him. Tweaaaa…I feel sorry for your jealousy and envy of a 30 year old successful boy. Get a life…

    2. I always hear ppl say he collects money from women with promise of marrying those women! If that is the case – my question is why are women still giving him money then? Wait and let him marry you first before you give him one cent otherwise he will continue to take advantage

  2. Just about a month ago, John Dumelo donated an undisclosed sum of money to Nii Odoi Mensah who needed money urgently to help treat a kidney disease he is currently receiving treatment for. Ironically, no one commented on that article, which is typical of the hypocrites we have lurking here on GC. In fact, I remember saying that, if the said article was to portray John Dumelo in a negative way, the comments would have been through the roof. I couldn’t be more right. Here we are today, criticizing a grown man. And calling him names for trying to do what many others before him have done. It is NOT unheard of for Celebrities to campaign for a preferred Presidential candidate of their choice. In 2008, a lot of celebrities in America hit the campaign trail and campaigned for Barack Obama. Most of them also donated huge sums of money to support his campaign.

    I personally would have been very surprised if I heard that John Dumelo was going to join the NPP and campaign for Nana Akufo Addo. First of all, the NPP is not united. Just that one political party has too many factions. Secondly, many people believed that, the NPP is a tribal party. It is overwhelmingly Asante/Akyem. There are little representation from other tribe’s. Even the people from the other tribes in that party are usually referred to as moles if they dare question the NPP leadership. The story would have been the same for John Dumelo. He knew that, that is why he didn’t want to commit political suicide by joining them. He is better off with the NDC which is more inclusive and has had President’s from the Eweland, Nfanteland and now Gonjaland.

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about. We all know that in Ghana, almost all Asante’s support the NPP. And almost all Ewe’s support the NDC. It is no secret. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that John Dumelo will be campaigning for the President. By the way, Let’s not forget about the fact that, the founder of the NDC party JJ Rawlings who is an Ewe, is no longer relevant in his own party. And we all know Mahama is not an Ewe but John wants to campaign for him. You know why? John understands politics. He knows very well that he has a better chance by joining the NDC than any other political party. And I think he actually made a wise political decision by joining the NDC. Leave the guy alone hypocrites!!

    1. Massa, u longgg post made no sense. SORRY. u ARE ALSO one sorry ass hypocrite and ur judgements are also very skewed. Of course we all know where u also belong. lmao

    2. Hey my kweku and his goody goody comments. lol b/w did you ask where he’s been getting all his money? Maybe we should invite Anas to investigate him again. hope you good tho

      1. Lol.. I think most of his money came from donations. Inviting Anas to investigate him is not necessary. I’m doing good. Thanks for asking. How are you and the kids doing?