Ghana Movie Industry Dying Due To Jealousy And Backbiting- Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson, it seems, has a disproportionate number of enemies to friends in the local movie industry. And she’s not going to win any one over with her latest comments.

The actress thinks the English language industry is dying a slow death, mainly due to envy and jealousness’, as she put it.

Speaking on Suncity Radio in Sunyani, she said the tendency to backbite, rather than pulling together, is what is making the Ghanaian movie industry fall behind its contemporaries.

“It looks like there is too much envy in the movie industry. Instead of focusing on building the industry, when something happens and it is negative, they want to capitalise on it.” she said, speaking on her ban by FIPAG in 2010.

“It is like everybody wants to suck your blood out. When something is negative then they are happy. It saddens me and that is why we are where we are now. The movie industry is like on one leg. A year will come that we will shoot only two English movies.

“It is because of jealousness. It is that attitude that when someone does something, they say that that person is being too known…We are not united,”

She further noted that sort of attitude not only holds us back, but gives us a bad name outside our shores.

“Nigerians actually look at us and laugh at us and ask what are these people doing? And it’s because we are not united,” she added.

I thought she didn’t particularly like Nigerians?


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