S*x Before Marriage Is A Sin–Blessing Egbe

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Blessing Egbe
Blessing Egbe

Blessing Effiom Egbe is not only a notable Nollywood producer—but she is becoming one of the most renowned preachers in Nigeria, targeting the youth and industrial players in Nollywood.

Blessing, who is the CEO of B’Concept’s, one the fast rising production houses in Nigeria- says fornication and adultery are both forbidden by God.

According to her, s*x before marriage is a sin and most preachers do not preach about it nowadays because they are afraid of losing most of their members—as they think only about the numbers—and not their salvation.

The ‘African Queen’ producer advised ladies to desist from having adulterous relationships—and to dress decently in order not to trigger any s*xual thoughts in men which will lead to something else…

“In church and guess what is being preached. A topic most preachers run away from in order not to offend their congregations: adultery and fornication! S*x outside of marriage is sin. Ladies, stop provocative dressing, men are attracted to what they see. For fornicators and adulterers will be judged,” she told the Vanguard.

This is not the first time that she is hitting hard on issues like this; she took to social media last year, to declare how some women are hiding behind acting to engage in prostitution.

“How desperate can one be in pursuit of fame and money? In the end, where will you end up? In hell or in heaven? Not all who call God are true. Sad!” she observed wryly.

“ Single and married women sleeping with countless men to climb to the top! Please when you get there, what next please? Vanity, vanity, vanity Some say the competition is too stiff and must do the uncanny to stay abreast.

“Husbands skip a heartbeat whenever their wives are on location because of the dirt that goes on. Orgies in hotel rooms involving married couple. Acting is now the gateway to prostitution. People will do anything to have their faces on the screen because ‘market go come and true true market plenty,” she declared.

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