Holy Trinity SPA And Its CEO-Dr Felix Anyah Continue To Rake In Awards Based On World Class Quality Service Delivery

Dr. Felix Anyah: Inside the Melchizek Building At Holy Trinity Health
Dr. Felix Anyah: Inside the Melchizedek Building At Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm

The Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm, based in Sogakofe in the Volta Region; is home to world class, state of the art treatments that is set to get your body, soul and mind in as relaxed a shape as possible.

Since its establishment a decade ago, the centre has won over twenty awards due to its exceptionality. The awards have ranged from national to regional level, constantly lifting the centre’s already burgeoning reputation up a notch or two.

A few weeks ago, the organisation picked up awards at the ‘Made In Ghana Excellence Awards.’ Executive Director Dr Felix Anyah won a lifetime award for excellence in Healthcare servicing, with the Spa and Health Farm winning the enviable best Spa and Health Service Providers for 2014.

In the past, the awards picked up includes Best Health/Medical Tourism Destination in West Africa, the Most Patronised Medical Tourism Destination in West Africa Award, and numerous Best SPA Awards in West Africa.

The Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm is the Integrative Health Division of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre. For ten solid years, the centre has grown from strength to strength; combining competitiveness, excellent service delivery, growth and turnover to stay ahead of the curve in its field.

The Spa and Health Farm’s popularity seems to come down to its ability to combine several forms of health care to try and discover the best possible solution for each client. The centre does not only use orthodox medicine- but adds to its repertoire Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) services, which are integrated in traditional scientific medicine: all these in a service environment where clients savour mother-nature, leading to a state of elite physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual healing.

Holy Trinity SPA & Health Farm
Holy Trinity SPA & Health Farm

Located on some prime real estate in Sogakofe in the Volta Region, the serene surroundings play a significant part in setting the patient on the road to a satisfactory service. The centre is flanked by the Volta River and Bridge, as well as some florid savannah vegetation. Not only does it give the appearance of one being on a luxury island, there is the opportunity to explore nearby tourist sites on frequently organised tours.

The Holy Trinity SPA is unparalleled on the continent with the variety of services at the disposal of the potential client.

With the presence of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, exercise physiotherapists, optometrists, herbal medicine practitioners, massage and spa therapists, dentists, hospitality service providers, Christian pastors, and a wide variety of physical exercise facilities (lawn tennis, table tennis, basketball, volley, squash,badminton, cycling, aerobics, brisk walk, dancercise, swimming sessions), spa treatments including massages, infra-red sauna, steam showers, facial treatments, saloon services for male and female, colon hydrotherapy, body wraps, body scrubs, salt glow, biofeedback, meditation, sound therapy, exfoliation treatments as well as fully equipped conference facilities- you can barely state the need that cannot be met.

This is complemented by several summer huts with settees and fitted with flat screen LED TV’s, 18-seater cruise boat, speed boats, jet skis, a 3storey resort with roof top bar and restaurant – 5 minute drive from the main spa, a well-stuffed gift shop, crocodile café, health shop, Christian library, car park with 300 car capacity fitted with CCTV cameras, 15 seater executive restaurants – 40 feet into the Volta River,300 seater Conference Hall – 50 feet into the Volta River- and a pick-up and transport to and from Accra.

Womp3 wei na wo p3 d3n?

Holy Trinity SPA & Health Farm
Holy Trinity SPA & Health Farm

Under the able leadership of Dr Anyah, the centre has grown from strength to strength; to its current position of barely having any competition on the continent, not to talk of in this country. For the best in health care and other needs, using a combination of orthodox and alternative medical approaches- the Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm is pretty much an all-you-can-eat-buffet.

The Holy Trinity SPA has carved a niche in health service delivery with an unequalled brand positioning to promote health, prevent disease, cure and rehabilitate using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as well as orthodox medicine.

Directed towards holistically managing ailments such as stress disorders, chronic fatigue, hypertension, diabetes, sleep disorders including snoring, high blood cholesterol, psychological or physiological addictions, depression, anxiety, back and neck aches, migraine, enlarged prostate, overweight, peptic ulcer, ischemic heart disease, blood clot, etc.

In closing, here is a bullet list of other services you can access with a trip to the facility…

  • Healthy Lifestyle Conferences & Retreats
  • Honeymoon / Wedding Receptions
  • Convalescence Home
  • Addiction Management
  • Health Vacation
  • Stress Analysis and Management
  • Elderly Rejuvenation
  • Dental SPA
  • Executive Medical Examination
  • Stand Alone Services
  • Chronic Fatigue Management
  • Fitness Training
  • Corporate Recreational Retreat
  • Anxiety and Depression/Mood Disorder Management
  • Sleep Therapy


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