Nikki Samonas Says She Has Suffered To Look After Herself To This Point And She Needs A Guy To Take Over

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Nikki Samonas
Nikki Samonas

I think something like this generally goes without saying- and feeling the need to say it out loud often comes across in a very negative light.

Nikki Samonas says she has suffered to take care of herself up to where she is now, and it is time for a man to take over those duties.

If you have pulled yourself by your bootstraps to make something out of yourself against insurmountable odds, that’s admirable. Calling for a man to take over, that’s not very feministic, is it?

Speaking on the Delay Show, Nikki said for all she had gone through, she deserves a partner who can now take over the mantle.

“I have suffered in life, I mean I had to work to cater for my family and pay my school fees, and so I think, I think it is time someone else takes that up.” she said

In that vein, whilst she does not necessarily want a rich man- she needs someone well to do who can take care of her.

“Someone should also take care of me so for me if you don’t have, money or are not financially independent; I cannot date you. It’s as simple as that.

“I have no problem with the poor neither am I saying I want someone who is extremely rich. No, all I am saying is; as a man, you should be okay in your pocket to help provide some of my need,” she added.

Is there anything wrong with Nikki, who presumably is quite well to do; having a boyfriend who is not that rich and thus having to depend on her in some instances?

And if that situation is not feasible; then on what basis are all these calls that men and women be treated equally being made?

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