Make Over 1000% Profit Buying Louis Vuitton Bags in Ghana & Selling Them in Amsterdam

LV purses
LV purses

My recent article which condemned the overtly selling of fake LV bags at Ghana’s biggest ‘West Hills’ mall received mixed reaction—shockingly, some people sort of suggested that the obvious fake 68GHS LV purses being sold by MV Fashion Accessories at the mall were real.

Others also seemed to have no problem with the fact that a company has secured a space/store at the West Hills and Achimota malls, infringing on the LV’s trademark by selling fake Louis Vuitton products at ridiculously cheap prices to Ghanaians.

Those who said the LV bags/purses being sold at the West Hills and Achimota malls were real can go ahead and buy two for themselves—in fact they should buy five.

Aside that, I have a profitable business for these people and they will make over 1000% profit since they ‘honestly’ believe the bags being sold in Ghana are real and they have no problem with them being on sale at the mall.

This morning, I passed through the Louis Vuitton store at Dam Sqaure in Amsterdam, opposite the Gucci shop—and asked for the prices of the above LV purses, similar to those being sold at Ghana’s mall.

The LV sales advisor stated that the purses are currently being sold for 368 Euros—and in Ghana, they are selling them for 68GHS, less than 15 Euros.

This means, if you ‘absurdly’ believe what is being sold in Ghana is real, this is an opportunity to make huge profits.

Just buy a couple from Ghana and bring them to Amsterdam to sell—you can sell then for just 250 Euros and since you will be paying less than 15 Euros for each, that’s some huge profit margin there for you.

LV on sale in Ghana

You don’t have to work for LV to be able to spot the fakies—sometimes, all it takes is common sense: just look at the price tags.

High fashion brands like LV may have slight variations in prices, sometimes caused by currency and tax factors but if you find a huge variation in price, then that’s a red flag—just walk away.

Perhaps, the Yvonne Nelsons also buy from these Ghanaian malls, absolutely convinced that though they pay something as less as 68GHS, they’ve bought real LV bags—the reason why they talk back when their fake bags make headlines.

LV store Amsterdam Central
LV store Amsterdam Central


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