Bulldog Refuses To Divulge Details On Shatta Wale Feud- ‘It Is A Police Matter’

Bulldog and Shatta Wale
Bulldog and Shatta Wale

Bulldog and Shatta Wale have been at loggerheads for a few weeks now, all emanating from that fateful Saturday when Bullhaus Entertainment abruptly announced the end of their relationship with the artiste.

Shatta Wale came out swinging after that, claiming he had bee n planning fire Bulldog first, that he was not a good manager, and that he had once threatened to kill him.

Bulldog has spoken little on the issue, but he was on Starr Drive on Tuesday, and answered some questions on the issue.

He confirmed that the police invited him after the allegations he threatened his former artiste. But he refused to say any more, as he felt the case is in the hands of the police now.

“First and foremost, I can’t go into that matter. It’s a police matter”. He told Anita Erskine.

“[But] yes, the police called me because he reported me.”

He also added that it is a private matter between the two of them, thus the press should stop probing.

“It’s my private matter and it’s his private matter as well. He decided to put it out there, but I’m not. The public is not the court…our business is our business.

“I know myself. I’m God’s child and am here to make a difference.”

Speaking further, Bulldog said the disagreements they are having does not mean they aren’t friends anymore.

“What we wrote in the statement still holds, we still love Shatta Wale, I mean I still love him, I still listen to his songs.

“Even before we came into the studios, I was listening to his songs,” he added.


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