A Plane with 500 Nigerians Deported from the UK Lands in Lagos

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Imagine a plane in which are seated 500 Africans, all being forcefully removed from a country—this is what just happened when UK deported 500 Nigerians in one plan, which landed in Lagos not long ago.

According to a BBC reporter who was at the airport; “Most of the deportees say they are not happy to come back. One person told me that he was arrested by British police and was not allowed to even take his belongings before being deported.

A few of them who say they don’t have relatives here are stranded in the airport.”

Some actually said they are stranded in their own country because they do not have relatives?

Not long ago, Nigeria “expressed concern over UK’s plan to deport 29,000 Nigerians, and has insisted that due process be followed before Nigerians are removed from the UK.”

Nigeria has already asked Britain to ensure that those they deport back to Nigeria are truly Nigerians—and would be able to fit into Nigerian society.

GC Staff bG