Power Barge Arrives In Ghana


Well, if this isn’t the most anti-climatic arrival of all time.

For much of this year, government has filled our ears with tales of a power barge to end all our problems. The ships were first promised to arrive in April, but for some reason have landed at the end of November instead.

And now, instead of being the saviour, the power minister has made it pretty clear that dumsor is not ending anytime soon. And, apparently we would be paying more for electricity too, so government can fuel this nearly useless barge.

The barge arrived at Tema on Saturday morning, docking at the port. According to the deputy energy minister, the barge should be hooked up to the national grid in a matter of weeks.

In Ghanaian parlance, that means months.

He also added that the cost of fuelling the barge would be passed on to the consumer, as stated earlier.

“The payment will be done by the end-user. It will not be done by the government” he stated

“Government is only a facilitator….but at the end of the day whatever power that will be generated ought to be paid by the end-user”

The barge is expected to add 225 megawatts to the national grid.


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