While Lydia Forson is Being Slammed for Being FAT…Nigerian Model/Beauty Queen-Agbani Darego is Being Told to Put on Weight

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Agbani Darego
Agbani Darego

Yesterday, Ghanaian actress-Lydia Forson shared an experience she found unpleasant—a fan told her she was too big and should consider loosing some weight.

For Lydia Forson, it was offensive and the fan had no right to get that comfortable with her—but several people on social media say, the fan was just saying the hard truth the actress hates to hear.

On the other side, Nigerian model/beauty queen-Agbani Darego has made headlines this morning for her response to a contrasting scenario—a fan told her on instagram to put some weight.

Obviously, when you are FAT, people will talk and when you are SLIM too, people will talk. What remains the safe ground is to stay in-between, something which is difficult to maintain.

The fan of Agbani wrote;

“Sweetie you (sic) looking good but please add a little weight.”

And then the model/beauty queen replied;

“I don’t tell you how to live your life, please don’t tell me how to live mine!”

That was not all, Agbani followed it up with the below image and some more words…

Agbani Darego image

“I LOVE and appreciate the female form in every shape. You don’t have to like my body, I have enough LOVE for my “skinny ass” and that’s all that matters to me. #BODYSHAMING is not okay!”

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